Black and White

This dramatic legal thriller examines the impact of racism on the judicial system. Brilliant young trial attorney J.T. Lockman is appointed to represent an African American man accused of murdering a wealthy white man in a county where the Klan has ruled supreme for many years. His client, Lindsey Wilkens, is a proud family man believed by many to be innocent of the crime with which he’s been charged. J.T. is faced with the ultimate challenge for any trial attorney, defending an innocent man from the possibility of death by electrocution. Even worse, the racially charged atmosphere where the trial is to occur could mean death for his client even if the evidence is found to be faulty and insufficient to prove death beyond a reasonable doubt. Lindsey fears he won’t even make it to the trial when he’s placed in the bowels of a jailhouse run by the sheriff whose reputation is what gives the county its shameful notoriety. J.T. embraces the chance to right what he considers a terrible wrong, but he faces the wrath of public opinion, as well as the anger of his friends, family, and the woman he loves as he takes on the establishment of the county. His courtroom battle brings to the surface the many ghosts of its racist and violent past. As the case unravels, he must also come to terms with his own past if he will have any chance to save his relationship with the first woman he’s ever really loved. This is a book that makes us face the reality of our past, but carries within its pages a hope for a future where we, as a society, may be able to move beyond the disease of racism, although the journey may destroy the lives of many along the way.

My first book, “Justice for the Black Knight,” was also about the hope for a future free of the diseases of the past. It was praised as a twentieth century law and order fable and compared to a combination of the best of legal thrillers like “The Firm” with the contemplative, but powerful, tone of works of great literature like Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man.”

My stories are full of live and realistic courtroom drama, drawn from my thirty year career as a trial and appellate attorney who fought for her clients’ rights from the trial court to the U.S. Supreme Court.

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