StarFire Dragons: Book One

After nearly being dishonorably discharged from his command of a space destroyer, Commander J.D. Hapker takes a lowkey commission on a science vessel. Hostilities ignite when he rescues two young enemy warriors. Can he protect his crew from their dangerous secrets while also protecting the children from unsavory bounty hunters, violent passengers, and the prejudice of his own crew? His struggle between what is right and what is necessary intensifies as every option threatens to ignite a war.

Meet Dawn Ross

Dawn Ross is a daydreamer who has been perfecting her writing skills for over twenty years. With an imagination inspired by a few decades of fantasy/sci-fi books, movies, and television, she has created her own epic sci-fi full of rich characters in a vast universe. It all begins with StarFire Dragons. Dawn has a Bachelor of Science degree, cum laude meritum, in financial management. She also self-studies history, writing, and various sciences including astronomy and physics. Her character-focused stories include scientific elements such as space travel, space battles, fascinating worlds, cybernetic beings, and more. Dawn is also a nature and wildlife artist, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a dog-lover, and an employee and volunteer for a non-profit elder care organization.

Space Kids – The Journey of Hope

When 12-year-old Sophie Williams sent her application to lead the first child-only mission into space, she just wanted to make her late dad proud. Little did she know it would launch her into the most important journey in human history. This uplifting story inspires children to believe in themselves and reach for the stars. It provides us all with hope.

Meet Alan Nettleton

Alan is an author of middle grade science fiction and is hoping to inspire children of all backgrounds to think about science with engaging stories.

Homebound Odyssey

Homebound Odyssey - ASIN B088JT9B8F

In the distant future, humanity is spread thinly across the universe after Earth is destroyed by nuclear chaos. In a last ditch effort to defeat the invaders known as the Drought, the military now relies heavily on the use of highly skilled task force agents that have been trained in combat since childhood.
The training spaceship, The Homebound 11, has a reputation for producing some of the greatest soldiers in Earth’s history, and Garrett and Skylar are preparing to follow suit. As they both strive to show their worth, the ship’s mysteries begin to unveil themselves. While fighting to overcome the issues they face within, a dangerous outside force sets them both on the beginning of a perilous journey they never would’ve imagined.

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