Three sentient races. Two wars. One sustainable planet. Who will rise?

Earth hangs in the balance. The energy aliens came to live symbiotically. The cybernetics came to evolve the planet. Unfortunately, they chose an estranged cousins Kalea and Hailey to introduce them to humanity. Can they achieve balance, or will they descend into a three-way battle for survival? The box set includes:

Progenitor, Book One: Humanity’s greatest achievement exposes our greatest weakness.

Kalea Kerner is an electrical engineer focused on taking over her father’s company when the impossible happens: her uncle rises from his deathbed and heals her broken foot. Is it a miracle? Is it a side effect of nanotechnology? Or is it something else?

Metamorphosis, Book Two: They can evolve with us, or they can die.

Hailey Reed is knocked out by a nanotech surge, and wakes to a world where an alien presence has been revealed. Unfortunately, this presence isn’t alone. Another alien race has hacked into human nanotechnology with their own designs on Earth. Can humanity survive this invasion, or will they be forced into evolution?

Emergence, Book Three: Three sentient races. Two wars. One planet. Who will rise?

The cybernetics are in orbit preparing their final assault to terraform Earth, while the energy aliens have withdrawn from humanity. Can Kalea and Hailey set aside their personal conflict to prevent a bigger conflict that would cause the extinction of three sentient races?

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It will soon be possible to travel between planets…simply by falling.

At a secret facility in the wilds of Kazakhstan, the chance discovery of an exotic metamaterial is about to tear open the lid on a whole new branch of physics, unleashing a tidal wave of societal disruptions.

But are we ready, or are we simply on the cusp of repeating a truly cosmic mistake?

That’s the question facing Nigel Tanner, a cynical purveyor of leaked documents who recently threw in with the cabal of billionaires working to keep the metamaterial from being weaponized, or something far worse. But word of their activities has just been leaked to the world’s superpowers.

Which means someone in Nigel’s orbit is a traitor. And they are out of options.

Now, the only way to keep the word safe is to leave it behind.

From Jon Waskan, author of COLD TRAP, comes a nigh-future adventure that imagines what might happen if the ‘missing’ gravity posited by string theory were suddenly found.