Three Immortals

He is an interstellar war hero who never lost a battle. Can he save his nation from destruction by an invading galactic superpower?

Kel Chaada is a master tactician who quickly rose from soldier to leader. When his military successes threaten to unravel the web of lies protecting humanity’s immortal rulers, his life gets crushed. Betrayed and cast out, Kel flees to the fringes of the galaxy.

He enters the realm of ancient alien civilizations and discovers the legendary powers they have to share. The hostile machines and silicate monsters Kel was taught to fear may be the allies he needs.

Kel returns, leading two alien battle fleets. Will he be a savior or conqueror?

Three Immortals is the first book in the Galacticide universe of distant future space opera novels. If you enjoy science fiction adventures with high stakes, fascinating aliens and a grand scale story, you will love Bert-Oliver Boehmer’s interstellar battle epic.

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Meet Bert-Oliver Boehmer

Bert-Oliver Boehmer is a science fiction writer and author of the new novel “Three Immortals”. After two decades of working with innovative software and bioinformatics companies, he turned his passion for futuristic technologies, exotic biology, and artificial intelligence into the foundation of a vast space opera universe.

Bert-Oliver holds a degree in computer science and has traveled this planet extensively. Since 2020, he focuses on telling stories about what we might find elsewhere and elsewhen.

He lives with his wife and daughters in Southern California, where his Jeep leaves tire tracks on many trails.

Hades’ Star: Hostile Takeover


How was my second year aboard the TFP Icarus? Well, I chased a woman to hell and back and won her heart. Sort of. I got a promotion and led a team of Marines in a war against mysterious alien forces intent on seeing me dead. I was accused of being a corporate spy and saved a colony from hostile takeover. I broke up with my girlfriend, fraternized with the Admiral’s daughter, and discovered the substance that binds the universe together. Well, not really. I didn’t actually fraternize with the Admiral’s daughter. But after the year I’ve had, I probably should have.