Ella Says: I’m Going to be an Astronaut!

Join Ella and her new friends in a dreamy solar space adventure filled with courage, kindness and a little sprinkle of magic! Find out about the strange green light that crashes outside Ella’s window in this award-winning second book in the ELLA SAYS series! — “A zany and colourful edu-fictional adventure. I had to make up a new word for this book! An absolute must-read!”

Meet Anu D. Misa

Anu D. Misa is an author and illustrator of children’s stories. Besides her love of writing, illustrating and reading, she enjoys cooking, crafting, and spending time with her family. Anu is also an avid traveller and has been to more countries than she can count on her fingers and toes! While she enjoys these adventures, she always appreciates coming back to her home in Toronto, Canada. Travelling gives her insights into family life around the world and provides the sparks that result in many of her stories! Interestingly, English was not Anu’s first language and as a child learning through picture storybooks was so important to her, it left a lifelong impression. Anu has come a long way from those early years learning to read, graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Economics and working in the field for many years, while always making time for her creative passions. Now she delights in the challenge of writing and illustrating stories that captivate children and adults alike.

Assassin Marked

An interplanetary crime syndicate. A debt, long overdue. An assassin gone rogue. Love. Revenge. Betrayal. Although he knows it will mean the end of his relationship with both the Crime Syndicate and his long-time lover, Captain Victoria Maruska, Damian can’t let sleeping dogs lie. After overcoming his captain’s well-intended efforts to hold him back, Damian sets off to exact his revenge on the man who had once left him to die on the barren wastelands of Earth. . . . Victoria may not know where to look, but she knows she has to find him. Following Damian’s disappearance and the not-so-mysterious murder of one of his superiors, the Syndicate has called Captain Maruska’s loyalty into question. As a result, she has been assigned the unenviable job of leading a task force to hunt him down. . . . On the outs with his lover and on the run from trained killers, Damian DuFonte is . . . An Assassin Marked.

Meet Michael C. Sahd

Michael C. Sahd grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. From a young age, he read voraciously, particularly in the fields of fantasy and science fiction. Shortly after becoming a teenager, he learned to play and enjoy fantasy games such as Dungeons and Dragons. At around the same time, he began writing stories and D&D campaigns of his own. As an adult, Michael attended New Mexico University, studying in the fields of English and literature. During this time, he honed his writing skills and expanded his writing portfolio. Although he has completed numerous short stories, Assassin Marked marks his debut published work. Since then, Michael has published his first full-length dark fantasy novel, The Unfettered Child. Currently, Michael lives with his wife and four children in a small town in Texas, where he is working on the sequel to Assassin Marked on the Kindle Vella platform.

Why You Can’t Catch a Rocket to Mars: Some Personal Reflections on Science and Society, by Lyndon N. Smith

Have you ever wondered why you can’t catch a rocket to Mars? Or Jupiter, or Pluto, or the nearest star? The latter is an exciting prospect, since it is orbited by an ‘exo’ (earth-like) planet that might support life. This richly illustrated book will explain why getting there is not as crazy an idea as you might think. It will also help you understand what has been holding back science and technology for many years, or decades, and what we can do about it; as well as providing a fascinating glimpse into a wide range of fantastic future possibilities. Artificial intelligence, or AI, which is presented as a key means for us to achieve these goals, is discussed in depth. The author, Lyndon N. Smith, is a professor in AI at a major UK university, with a background in physics and engineering, and over 25 years of research experience (on both sides of the Atlantic). After publishing 180 scientific papers and a number of academic books, he explains in this unique, provocative, and accessible book, not only what amazing tasks can be achieved by modern AI techniques such as ‘convolutional neural networks’ – but also how they actually work! This is followed by an enlightening survey of potential and definite threats that we all face (with possible responses), that include Brexit, contact with extra-terrestrials (ET), near Earth objects (NEOs) colliding with the Earth, viruses, and global warming. There is then a discussion of fascinating technological developments that we may expect to see in the near, and far, future. Here topics addressed include: transport, robotics (from Robby the Robot through to Data), elimination of the need for instrumentalities, prospects for abundant power, manufacture of any objects we desire, as well as the likelihood of a number of miscellaneous miracles that include: invisibility, truly useful nanotechnology, and space elevators. The author goes on to discuss the effects we may expect such advanced technologies to have on our lives, including the prospects for eternal life and attainment of velocities in excess of that of light for interstellar travel; with all the astonishing implications the latter would have for overcoming the previously mentioned threats, as well as facilitating human exploration and possible colonisation of the Milky Way Galaxy and beyond. As though this wasn’t enough, a range of predictions are then given of the amazing technological developments expected in the far future. The author encourages us to ‘reach for the stars’ and concludes that we have it in our power to realise a new Golden Age for humanity – providing we can find the wisdom to avoid destroying ourselves in a nuclear Armageddon and instead focus our efforts on the powerful potential of future research and development. If you have any interest in science and technology, and its effects on society – and more specifically your future life (and who hasn’t?), you will find this book engrossing and enlightening. As well as employing a highly accessible and breezy style, the author makes liberal use of quotations and allusions to well-known figures from popular culture. The result is a very engaging book that you will not be able to put down nor stop thinking about. You will wonder why we don’t hear more about how all the technologies that surround us can and should help improve our quality of life (much more than they currently do), both now and in the future. You will understand why we need to spend more time and effort on looking to the future rather than agonising over the past. And, you will never view Sherlock Holmes or Star Trek in the same way again!

Meet Prof. Lyndon N. Smith

About Prof Lyndon Neal Smith PhD Lyndon N. Smith has a strong interest in science and technology, and a particular fascination with developments in physics and engineering that can have potentially revolutionary effects on the way we live. He feels that scientific and technological developments of recent decades have been less dramatic than was expected, say, seventy years ago and that an investigation into why this is the case and what we can do about it is well overdue. His background includes degrees in physics, robotics and engineering, as well as 26 years of research experience in the UK (and USA), which has resulted in 180 technical papers, two books and the supervision of 20 PhDs. As well as being a professor at a major UK university, he is also something of a bibliophile; but has had a long-standing concern about the lack of accessibility of many science and technology related publications, in terms of the associated difficulties with public engagement with science, as well as reducing the likelihood of science having a strong and beneficial impact on society. He believes that one way to increase the accessibility of science is to employ an informal style, and to make liberal use of quotations and allusions to well-known figures from popular culture. This is what he has aimed to do with his new book. His intention is to make you wonder why we don’t hear more about how modern technologies can revolutionise our lives. He believes we need to spend more time and effort on looking to the future rather than agonising over the past. And he uses discussion of people and events from the past, as well as various predictions of the possible future, to throw light on the situation for science and technology, and what developments we might expect going forward. Lyndon lives in Central Somerset, with his wife and son.

Pirates of Nebula Seven — Episode 1

Captain Starlight may just be the greatest pirate in the galaxy, or possibly the worst. It’s a divisive issue, with Starlight on one side, and everyone else in the known universe on the other. This short story is for fans of RICK & MORTY, HITCHHIKER’S GUIDE and TERRY PRATCHETT. The ongoing series follows the ludicrous adventures of the egotistical Captain Starlight and his bizarre crew of space pirates: fierce warrior-queen Varrax, cowardly mental health counsellor Alan, the overly emotional robot X-359, the insane plant woman Booglox, and their mistreated cabin boy Billy. “Captain Starlight’s Log. Star Date: April 10th My loyal crew and I are visiting my old haunt Nebula Cove, floating near the outskirts of Nebula Seven, for some much needed rest and recuperation. My twelve-year-old cousin Billy is starting to settle into his new role as Cabin Boy, although he’s still shaken from the, ah, incident the other week. He’d been sent on a tethered spacewalk to clean the windows, all suited up in a spacesuit for the first time, but unfortunately we forgot about him and blasted off at lightspeed with Billy still in tow. We dragged him for several billion miles at unimaginable velocity, unable to hear his screams, before the tether cable eventually snapped and he was left spinning alone in interstellar space, lightyears away from any form of civilisation, with a very finite amount of oxygen in his suit. It took several hours before we noticed our oversight, and by the time we returned, Billy was down to his last breath of recycled oxygen. Still, all’s well that ends well, and his night terrors are becoming less frequent. I am firmly of the belief that these sorts of escapades are good for the boy and will build his character. We’ll make a man of him yet! I’m sure he’ll now enjoy a few days’ leave at Nebula Cove, as will we all, and I in particular am looking forward to a few games of high stakes poker!”

Meet C. Grezo & Rupert Knowles

C. Grezo and Rupert Knowles are a pair of bearded geeks who like dogs, sci fi and comedy. They wrote the hit Audible sitcom Sheltered and the movie How to Stop Being a Loser, but the Pirates of Nebula Seven series of novelettes is their true passion. Hope you enjoy!

Atom and the Universe

Astronomy-themed sci-fi picture book for kids – FREE on kindle from 11/12 to 11/14! When the star that shiny little carbon particle Atom calls home goes supernova, he is launched on a journey to the edge of outer space where he meets the Universe itself and learns important lessons on the circle of life at a cosmic level.

Meet Kory James

Kory James is an engineer-musician-writer from San Diego, California, who is fascinated by the stars and everything beneath them. By day, he roams the world’s farthest reaches, bringing Internet to communities left behind in the digital age. By night, he is a dreamer of tales and tunes, of which some – such as this story – demand themselves into the real world. You can meander his portfolio of medium-spanning works at www.worldofkoryjames.com.

The 13th Vote

On a distant world, in a not-too-distant future, Alyn Frederick Jr. arrives home from college and is shocked by his father’s murder. Alyn hasn’t a clue as to who killed him or why, but even more puzzling, finds himself as the main suspect. A forlorn detective, employing a rapidly developing A.I., partners with an idealistic journalist to find answers. They uncover a grand conspiracy, orchestrated by a powerful politician, who aims to radically transform society, but must trigger an interplanetary civil war to do it. Alyn must discover a dark truth about his family’s legacy if he is to clear his name and prevent the genocide. And the key to it all, is his grandfather’s wristwatch. 

Meet Brendan Gavin

Brendan is a book-lover, curator of ideas and a keen observer of our human condition, who has combined these with his passion for vintage time pieces, and finally wrote the book he was always wanted to read.

Noctilucents 1: Martian Blood

Noctilucents 1: Martian Blood - ASIN B088QLSFWT

When the Prometheus exploded, everything changed. The ship was meant to retrieve a team of colonists from Mars. Instead, it ushered in a decade of chaos and left the colonists stranded.

For all sixteen years of his life, Tom has known nothing but the red dirt of Mars and the cramped research base he calls home. That and stories of Earth, a silent blue dot in his sky. As the base’s resources dwindle and tensions between the surviving colonists run high, Tom makes a promise to himself: he’ll get to Earth or die trying.

Sophia Kasparov, daughter of the AI expert behind the Prometheus, triggers a global media frenzy when she accidentally reveals her father’s plans to launch a rescue mission to Mars. Support for the controversial mission is hard to come by, especially when it’s opposed by the ruthless anti-spaceflight eco-fundamentalist Cita Stone. As Sophia struggles to navigate the political chaos surrounding the mission, she uncovers a fifteen-year-old mystery that could change everything – the truth about the Prometheus disaster – and discovers that her father will risk everything for his plans, even her.

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The Titan Sky


A company is poised to gain global power. Three civilian volunteers compete for the job of making the trip to a distant planet where they will claim mining rights for a rare and precious material. As they train for the dangerous mission, internal and outside forces seek to gain access to them. Some want to steal the cutting-edge technology, others to corrupt candidates and sabotage the mission. Competitors race to launch their own ships, but only McKinnon Ventures has Dex, a mining robot driven by extraordinary artificial intelligence created by a haughty technology prodigy. The selected volunteer will earn millions and the everlasting fame, but won’t get the chance to enjoy either prize. The mission calls for only Dex to return. For the human, it’s a one-way trip. To succeed, they must work together, as neither can complete the mission on their own.The outcome could change the global balance of power, and impact billions of lives. Everything depends on what occurs under The Titan Sky.