The Least Significant

An alien thief has escaped to Earth with an object of critical importance to his planet. With the authorities close behind, the thief plans to hide by blending in among the people. However, his native form would make him stand out, so he’ll need to borrow a human body. And he has a specific one in mind. Catherine and Marcus are a young couple enjoying the evening of their engagement downtown when Marcus suddenly vanishes in a burst of shimmering lights. Unable to explain his disappearance, a mysterious man soon approaches Catherine, who tells her the thief he is chasing has taken over Marcus’ body. Unsure whether to believe him, Catherine reluctantly agrees to help when she learns the man can return Marcus to his body. But, as they begin to close in on the thief, Catherine uncovers a shocking truth about Marcus and the alien planet more fantastic than she ever imagined.

Meet Ron Corriveau

Ron Corriveau is an electrical engineer and works designing custom integrated circuits. He started writing to prove that he actually has a right side to his brain. Originally from Southern California, he currently lives outside of Dallas with his lovely wife and two awesome kids.

Snare Of Illur (Divine Land Of Illur Series Book 2)

After a long journey, the broken people arrive at their new home. It is the place they wished for, with shelter, food, and all else the weary travelers need. Overwhelmed and ill, Edan reaches the promised sanctuary where he can be more, for himself and Vita. Although he is cautious, Edan hopes wellness and adventures are in his future. Illur is filled with beauty and people who are important. Each person’s duties to the community ensures that every herad is successful. Edan is truly part of this perfect place and surrounded by the newness of things he has never seen. The once silent boy now has everything he could want. Finally recovering, Edan begins to settle into his new life, until he is forced to see what is beyond the requirement of obedience to the elders. The more Edan understands about Illur and his own past, the more unsure he is. It not only affects him, but those he has come to trust and love. Edan has to make the decision to keep everyone safe by obeying or question everything about his new home to find the truth. If you were given everything, would you obey without question?

Meet Cajah Reed

Author of the Divine Land Of Illur, Cajah Reed, fell into writing after the opening line of her first book would not stop cycling through her mind. Continuing to follow the stories in the YA dystopian series felt like an adventure of its own and a way of stepping out of the unpredictability of real life. Her inspiration for the series stems from music, geography, and the humanity of everyone, especially an individual’s need to belong. As an avid reader of all things science fiction and fantasy, Cajah is especially drawn to books with dark oppressive dystopian societies, supernatural characters, or epic worlds unlike our own. It was no surprise that Cajah’s debut series came from one of her favorite genres.

Immortality: This is Probably a Novel

Chester, an investigative journalist, is in fear of his life and hides out in a remote part of New Zealand, 12,000 miles from Kate, the woman he loves. His quiet life is interrupted when a stranger knocks on his door and transports him to the world’s best kept secret. True to his training, he keeps a diary of his perplexing experiences, all of which he dismisses as impossible. As his life becomes more alarming, his longing to see Kate grows. Yet how can he explain to her what he can’t bring himself to believe? After she reads his diary, she becomes his lifeline helping him to understand that he must warn others of the danger, just as a lighthouse does.“… packed such a punch… you’ll love watching Chester’s world slowly unravel.” Amazon Customer“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” —Mark TwainAlso includes questions possibly useful for Book Clubs