Waking Up: While The World Was Asleep

There are two world’s taking place upon this Earth, there is one of plastic and there is one of truth. In one of those world’s, they don’t know about the existence of the other, but in the other one, you can see each one clear as day! The shades of gray are beginning to overpower and the separation of each one, is becoming overshadowed. There is a way to find light to illuminate your path.

I am 52 years old and fought with addiction for 36 of those years. Choices I made, led me to being incarcerated 15 years of my life and 14 years on paper (parole). I have given the Department of Corrections 29 years of my life, and this was with no end in sight. The UDC proclaimed that, statistically, I had a 99.1% chance of spending the rest of my life in prison. You might say that the odds were against me.

Whether your life is filled with addiction, depression, hopelessness, illness, sorrow, anger, hatred or violence-anything that is on the negative side of the Richter Scale-I guarantee you that your life can change if you do the same things that I did for my life, and that recipe is in this book.

Conscious Living: The Power of Embracing Your Authentic You

Conscious Living brings together the foundational teachings of Her Holiness Sai Maa, presented in a profound collection of wisdom and loving guidance for those wishing to discover or deepen their spiritual path.

Known as one of the most powerful spiritual masters on the planet, Sai Maa shares her wisdom with a clarity that allows you to grasp profound truths that may otherwise seem elusive.

Sai Maa’s teachings are especially poignant in this moment of deep transformation available to all of humanity. Adopting this knowledge as a regular practice will accelerate your spiritual growth through the blessings of Sai Maa’s grace.

Hospisophy : The Wisdom of the Hospice

Filled with deep emotion, extraordinary insight, and piercing wisdom, Hospisophy is a rare and evocative handbook on how to die and—for those willing to heed the lessons—how to live.

After retiring from a career with the Israeli police force, author Danny Blorian spent a decade volunteering his time at a hospice, bearing witness to the stories of those at the end of their lives. Hospisophy is a selection of some of the most poignant and illuminating ones . . . stories that reflect not only the end of the storyteller’s physical journey, but often the enlightening perspective of their spiritual one.

From those who have regrets to those who’ve completed their soul’s repair, those with the courage to die on their own terms to those boldly determined to make amends, each story holds a truth to be deciphered and solace for both the storyteller and the listener. Filled with deep emotion, extraordinary insight, and piercing wisdom, Hospisophy is a rare and evocative handbook on how to die and—for those willing to heed the lessons—how to live.

Meet Danny Blorian

Danny Blorian was born in 1956.

He served in the Israel police for thirty-six years. His duties as an intelligence and interrogation officer included investigating drug trafficking and importation, murder and severe violence, and organized crime. In his final, pre-retirement position in the police, he was the Intelligence Officer for the Tel Aviv district.

After completing his police service, Danny took several courses dealing with spiritual accompaniment in preparation for death, and began his voluntary service of over seven years at a variety of hospices.

In recent years, Danny has also worked as a volunteer in the closed ward of a psychiatric hospital, as well as the oncology department of a pediatric hospital.

Danny arranges and guides journeys into nature called, ‘On Life and Death’, in which participants hold open and intimate group discussions about life’s various paths and choices.