30 Days with Joshua: Inspiration from Joshua’s Spiritual Journey for Yours (A Devotional)

Joshua was just like you. As such, his spiritual journey provides insight, inspiration, and encouragement for your own trip toward Home.
Joshua blazed a trail that lays out the challenges and battles, progress and setbacks common to every traveler on their personal faith journey. In “30 Days with Joshua,” the author traces Joshua’s character development, hurdles he overcame, and the courageous faith that spurred him to take risks that scared him.
It reveals how God corrected Joshua’s incomplete perception of what he’s really like, and how that transformed Joshua from a Nervous Nelly into a man who trusted God enough he’d even follow illogical orders simply because God told him to.
Why learn the hard way? Follow Joshua’s journey highlighted in “30 Days with Joshua.
Written in a devotional format, “30 Days with Joshua” offers bite-size chunks of Joshua’s encounters with God so you can leisurely absorb what God wants to show you rather than slam the book shut, check off “Have Devotions” on your to-do list, and rush on to the next item. 
It gives you something to chew on every day for a month allowing God to shape your character, show you how to overcome your challenges, mold your understanding of what God’s like, and build a courageous, uncompromising faith.
Grab a copy and jump in. An exciting adventure awaits you!

Meet Steve Wilmot

I wrote this book of devotional readings to guide you through the Book of Joshua and help you learn from his spiritual journey. His challenges and battles, his progress and setbacks, his ultimate rejection of fear as a motivation for his life, replaced with courage and faith. How God transformed Joshua from a Nervous Nelly into a man who trusted him enough he’d follow illogical orders simply because God told him to.
If that’s the kind of Christian you want to be, you’ll find insights and encouragement on the pages that follow.
I intentionally wrote “30 Days with Joshua” in a devotional format. Bite-size chunks of Joshua’s life so you can take your time to absorb what God wants to show you rather than slam the book shut, check off “Have Devotions” on your to-do list, and rush on to the next activity. For the biggest impact, you need time to meditate on the truths found in each daily devotional. Time to talk to God, to let him search your heart and show you what’s there, and to formulate a daily plan to follow Joshua’s example on your own spiritual journey.

Best of Pastor’s Ponderings: 40 Reflections for Your Spiritual Journey

“You have a future regardless of what your past is like.“Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.“Every person God ever used had a past he or she was ashamed of, but that didn’t matter to God. It didn’t tie his hands. Just because you have a dark past doesn’t mean God will toss you into the garbage heap as worthless. Far from it. Every saint has a past that Jesus Christ changed.“But it’s equally true that every sinner has a future. Look at Apostle Paul, for example.” We all need reminders and the lines above are a sample of what you’ll find in this book. It’s tough to trek the path of your spiritual journey. If you try to do it alone, it’s near-impossible. This book will be a valuable companion through the difficulties and trials, victories and defeats, gains and losses pilgrims encounter on their pilgrimage toward Home. The four-minute readings encourage Christ-followers to remember what really matters, to count on God’s presence and promises more, and to deal with regrets and move on. To hold on to hope even after a painful past tries to snuff it out and present-day struggles seek to sink it. They call us to see life from God’s perspective and to convince us that every hardship along the way will be worth it someday. So keep going and don’t give up.These 40 ponderings originally appeared in a weekly newspaper column created by the author. Several years later, a second area newspaper picked up the Pastor’s Ponderings column. Many readers repeatedly asked the author to combine these columns in book

Meet Steve Wilmot

Steve Wilmot is a fellow pilgrim on his long and sometimes treacherous journey Home. Over the years, he learned valuable lessons and developed indispensable relationships that kept him from giving up when discouragement and lack of hope enveloped him. His purpose in life is to pay it forward whenever he can.
In 1974, Steve married his college sweetheart, Becki, and they began their spiritual journey together. They have four grown children and eight grandchildren. He is a retired pastor and United States Postal Service mail carrier. For a few years, he owned the Edgerton Earth newspaper and wrote a “Pastor’s Ponderings” every week. Steve continues to write the weekly column, as well as novels and devotionals. In his spare time, he reads, gardens, landscapes around his house, and stays connected to a band of brothers on their mutual journey of faith.