Desperate needs lead to weak decisions, even in the strongest men. Ryan Firestone’s a driven man, determined to prove to the professional hockey world he deserves his own legacy. Faking a relationship with hockey highness Farrell Eaves was never meant to be permanent or mean anything. With her on his arm and his stats in the stars, Ryan’s well on his way to hockey elite. Until the trade, where his biggest competition becomes his own heart. She didn’t expect pretending to love him to be so easy. Farrell Eaves has fought for her freedom for the last time. She’s not about to be Ryan’s pawn. She’s paid that back a million times over. Yet the passion between them pushes Farrell away from her dreams, and into his bed. He wants it all, but she can’t lose herself again. There are too many lives counting on her. Including his. Ryan and Farrell must come to grips with the passion pulling them together even if it means giving up the most important pieces of themselves.

Meet Mar Mills

Mar Mills is a proud Florida native, who spends her time lying by the pool, basking in the sun while her sexy husband rubs her feet. KIDDING. He hates feet. A former teacher, Mar now absolutely loves wrestling with the characters living in her head and bringing them to life for readers who enjoy a witty-hot and salty romance. She penned most of her contemporary romance stories in the car parked outside of wherever she had to take her kids for some kind of practice or rehearsal. Currently, when she’s not writing, which is rare, she’s planning her next adventure to see her children who are now off making their dreams come true. If you’d like to receive a notification when Mar has a new release sign up for her newsletter and stay in the loop. Mar Mills Newsletter Learn more about Mar at her website: https://marmillsauthor.com/

The forbidden Baller’s Secret Baby

A billionaire football star is used to the spotlight, but not to surprises like this. A revelation hits him like a linebacker tackle; though lost years ago, his college love is in the same town. Secrets are exposed, but the playing field is not even.

Seeing Chloe, who was once Deborah, my college sweetheart, is a revelation that shakes my world. She’s no longer the girl I knew but a successful realtor and mother, fiercely guarding her independence and a child. Her transformation from my lost love to this enigmatic woman is bewildering.

Every interaction is a flashback to what we had and a confrontation with what she’s become. With mannerisms eerily reminiscent of our shared past, the child with my eyes raises questions I’m not ready to answer. As a man used to facing challenges on the football field, this personal puzzle is the most daunting game I’ve ever played.

This reveal is my most formidable opponent yet. Can our past love navigate the truths and secrets, or are we destined for a final timeout?

Meet Dove Mitchell

My name is Dove Mitchell, and I enjoy publishing steamy and spicy romance novels for all to enjoy.

Games & Promises

Grumpy boss, feisty assistant, and a fake engagement. What could go wrong? Lydia had two goals: step out of her family’s shadow and learn how to build her own sports agency. She never expected Xavier, the lead sports agent of Elite X, to make her his personal assistant—especially after yelling obscenities at him the first day they met. But despite needing the job, Lydia should have known better than to take the job working for such an arrogant, condescending, yet admittedly sexy beast of a man. Now he’s not only making her life a living hell with his ridiculous demands, but invading her thoughts and dancing on her libido with every fiery look he gives her. The last thing Xavier, workaholic and all-around grump, needs is this sassy pixie reeling him in with that sharp mouth he’d rather be doing other things with. He needs his reputation pristine and to focus on getting back the family legacy that was stolen from him. But with every push of her red glasses up her nose, he keeps getting closer and closer to crossing the line of taking her to bed and gaining something more. It’s all flirty glances and risqué touches until an indecent image puts everything Xavier has worked for at risk. Now to disabuse his playboy ways, he’s forced to present her with an agreement: Be his fiancé for four months until he gets his company back and he’ll help her start her dream company and step out of her family’s shadow. She should have refused. Somewhere along in the fake relationship, genuine feelings rear its ugly head, and Xavier keeps looking at her, like he wants to keep her.

Meet Ella Todd

Ella Todd is the contemporary romance pen name for USA Today Bestselling Author D.H. Gibbs. Both personalities are complete Starbucks and book addict who binge-watches TV series like Lucifer, Carnival Row, and Warrior. They are Trinidadian natives, who currently live and create new worlds in Japan.

Love Report

Professional baseball player Dan Pelameno struck out with the woman of his dreams. So when she calls to set up an exclusive television interview with him, he jumps at the chance to set things right. He let her slip away once, but he won’t make the same mistake.

Celebrity news reporter Kendra Star thought she had moved on from Dan Pelameno until she had to see him again for a work assignment. When the encounter lands him a gig at her job, she promises to keep her distance from him and his charming ways. But the more she has to work with him, the harder he is to resist.

Love and Fast-Pitch


In desperate need of a life make-over after a terrible divorce, librarian Mallory Cruise signs up to coach her daughter’s recreational softball team. So what if she doesn’t have an athletic bone in her body? It’s the change her therapist suggested. There’s only one problem.

Her co-coach, Jason Henry, a widowed jock popular among the single ladies who’s made it clear Mallory grates his nerves. He’s an arrogant jerk who knows a lot about softball but nothing about women.

Mallory just needs to prove herself. And she does, in a horrible flip of the lineup that costs them the game. The softball moms band together and are ready to tie her to the fence during batting practice. They won’t stop until Mallory’s out of the picture.

And the only one who can save her is Jason.

Will Mallory strike out at coaching the same way she struck out in her marriage? Or will Jason rescue her when she needs it most?

Season of Speed


Can he help her win it all? Samantha knows she has the talent to make her racing dreams become a reality. But competing for the Formula One world championship demands everything the seventeen year old has to give and more. The pressure brings out the demon that chases her on the racetrack. The demon Samantha created after she did something stupid behind the wheel. A demon she can’t defeat alone.

Manny told the girl she was being considered for his family’s racing team. But it was a mistake. He tries to fix it, but that girl shows up and causes a scene. Even shoves him out of the team’s trailer. But you know, what? Samantha isn’t that bad. Manny admires her confidence and tenacity. And her hair smells nice too. Like a fresh set of tires.

As Samantha fights for wins on the track, the two become best friends. But Manny realizes his feelings for her run deeper than that. If he opened up to her, would Samantha reveal the same feelings for him?

To become world champion Samantha must take on Spa, a racetrack nestled in the lush Belgian forest known as the Ardennes. As her car pushes two hundred and thirty miles per hour, Samantha must fight the men in front of her, the skies above her, and the demon inside her.

Everyone agrees that Samantha is strong enough to start this race, but is Manny strong enough to help her finish it?

Season of Speed is the first book in a young adult racing romance series that features well developed characters, an amazing plot, and a strong heroine with spunk. If you like a character-based novel full of action with a sweet and believable relationship, then you’ll love the first installment in Doug Solter’s totally original series.

Click or tap the Buy Now button to download Season of Speed and start this fast romance today!

Author’s Note: Season of Speed is an updated version of Skid, my original title for this novel that was first published in 2012.

“Doug Solter is a wonderful writer and I really recommend this book to parents looking for appealing stories for their children that don’t involve vampires.”
Nancy Bilyeau, historical fiction author of The Crown series and The Blue.