Growing Pains

With his family a mess, Will has to find love and affection wherever he can. Pining after his best friend might be a good place to start – but Will needs all the help he can get. Finding that help at school may be more complicated than his impulses would have him believe. Will knows a bad idea when he sees it, but he’s at the end of his rope, and if pursuing his math tutor outside of the classroom distracts him from obsessive calorie counting, excessive exercise, and throwing up, then it’s worth the risk. At least, it was at the start. As Will falls deeper and deeper he can’t help but think of the danger. Is feeling good in his own skin worth endangering the man he’s falling for? Growing Pains is the first book in the L. Sherleen lgbt coming of age series. Will’s story is a story of love, but also of friendship, family, the struggle for self-acceptance, and bravery.

Meet L. Sherleen

Lily Sherleen writes what she loves to read: sweet coming-of-age stories with a hint of romance–where the heroes find themselves during their journey. She currently lives on the coast of Ireland with her beloved cats who keep her company while she writes.

Wrestling with Bullies

Bullying, friendship, dedication and hard work run rampant in this coming of age pro wrestling novella. Tibo walks into a new school. When he sees a kid getting bullied, he intervenes. A shared passion for pro wrestling quickly binds them together and a strong friendship starts to blossom. Tibo and his friend start training in pro wrestling and immediately want to reach for the stars. But the bullies do not take humiliation lightly and are plotting revenge. Will Tibo and his new friend be able to overcome the bullies and become the best pro wrestlers on the planet? For fans of The Karate Kid and pro wrestling.

Meet Thibault Busschots

Thibault Busschots is a dreamer. He grew up in Belgium, mostly staring through the window and making up stories in his head. After a while, he started to put his pen to work and made those stories in his head a reality. He earned two consecutive writer of the year awards on MMATycoon for his previews and reviews. After watching and learning from Brandon Sanderson’s writing class on YouTube, he felt confident enough to write an actual book and wanted to share it with the world.

Transition Offense Against Any Defense

Master coaching transition offense and defeat any defense with this ultimate guide for basketball coaches. Written by expert 25-year basketball coach and player Dejan Ilic, this comprehensive book reveals an unparalleled approach to basketball coaching. Drawing on a proven foundation of easy-to-understand advice, essential basketball strategies, and a collection of 140+ high-quality color illustrations and diagrams, Transition Offense Against Any Defense provides aspiring and experienced coaches alike with a wealth of practical insights on breaking any basketball defense. Covering everything from basic concepts, spacing, and timing, to advanced passes and drills, this handbook seeks to arm coaches with tools to play against all types of pick and roll defenses, including drop, flat, hedge, trap, switch, ice, under, and much more. Readers will also discover a simple plan for gradually implementing running lanes, spacing, flow, and other offensive principles through 3v0 and 5v0 drills. Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside: A Breakdown Of Beginner And Advanced Basketball Techniques Exploring Spacing, Timing, And Offensive Strategies How To Counter A Wide Range Of Pick And Roll Defenses In Every Situation Adjusting Against A Zone Or A Full Court Press A Collection of Essential 3v0 and 5v0 Drills Over 140 Full-Color Diagrams To Illustrate Every Point And Much More… Perfect for any basketball coach who wants to improve their game and master essential offensive basketball strategies, Transition Offense Against Any Defense distills over two decades of basketball experience down into a concise, straightforward, and powerful guide that helps coaches of all backgrounds equip their players with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.

Meet Dejan Ilic

Dejan Ilic is an author, experienced basketball coach, and former player with over 25 years in the field of sports. Armed with his motivation, commitment, and passion for spending hours in the gym, Ilic has spent his long career coaching renowned basketball players with a wide range of backgrounds. As an avid basketball player himself, Ilic has a proven track record of player communication, productivity, and a tireless drive to succeed. This has led him to play for numerous Serbian basketball and 3×3 teams with lots of accomplishments, including winning first place at 10+ Serbian and International 3×3 tournaments, 2nd place in the Serbian national finals, and representing the Serbian national team in USA Red Bull 3×3 World Finals on two separate occasions. Dejan Ilic is the author of the book, Transition Offense Against Any Defense, where he hopes to distill his decades of basketball experience into a concise, compelling handbook to help both aspiring and established basketball coaches and players excel in their sport. Ilic is licensed as a basketball coach by the Serbian Association Of Basketball Coaches. He has also worked as a basketball scout for many youth and professional basketball teams.

Legends of Baseball: from Aaron to Ozzie


Hammerin’ Hank Aaron knocked them out an awful lot

to pass the great Babe Ruth – the first “Sultan of Swat.”

Robinson & Roberto are among the most admired.

The number 42 is universally retired.

But someone else did wear it. He grabbed it just in time.

The Sandman got the call when the game was on the line.

Mo upheld a standard for New York as a reliever.

As a starter, same is true of “Tom Terrific” Seaver.


Are you the world’s biggest baseball fan ?

Are you trying to raise even bigger baseball fans ?

Legends of Baseball from Aaron to Ozzie ” is just the book for both you and your rising fans!

Fans of ALL AGES will enjoy the witty rhymes, colorful illustrations , and fun facts throughout this tour across baseball’s storied history!

The Mysteries of Sport


This book looks at sports from an entirely new perspective. We take a unique look at human consciousness, and apply it to unexplained phenomenon in sports. We explore home field advantage, why pitchers can’t hit, the 100-meter dash, the real advantage of race in sports, concussions, free throws, defensive backs, and much, much more. You’ll never watch sports the same again.