Capacity: The Roadmap to Secure Corporate and Government Contracts

If you want to learn how to win corporate and government contracts, then look no further!

There are millions of dollars in corporate and government contracts available and if your business is not supplying its goods and/or services to these buyers, then you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

I took my small business from struggling to pay bills to generating over a million dollars in corporate and government contracts and you can too.

The government and major corporations are the largest purchasers of goods and services. This is why securing contracts to sell your products/services to the government and major corporations is a game changer.

Read Capacity, the Roadmap to Secure Corporate and Government Contracts to learn the formula I used to secure my first million-dollar contract! Follow the roadmap to successfully grow your business with corporate and government contracts!

The Product Pioneer: How to Find, Create & Sell Your First Winning Product

Unlock the Secrets of Profitable Product Launches with “The Product Pioneer”

Step into The Online Marketplace: Want to launch a physical product online but unsure where to begin? Mason Thomas, an entrepreneur with over $50 million in sales and 75+ product launches, unveils the blueprint.

What You’ll Discover:

  • The foolproof method of selecting the right product through expert market research.
  • The art of manufacturing without breaking the bank.
  • Strategies to make your product the next big thing!
  • Autopilot distribution: Sell while you sleep.
  • Forming partnerships that benefit and boost your business.

For Whom? Whether you’re a newbie entrepreneur or a seasoned pro, if launching a successful online product is on your radar, this guide is your launchpad!

Real-World Insights: Too many books sell dreams without a roadmap. “The Product Pioneer” bridges that gap, giving you the A-Z of product launching, even with limited capital. Mason’s proven process ensures you maximize success odds, regardless of market saturation.

Why It Matters? In an era where a single income stream often falls short, adding a product to your portfolio can be the game-changer. Think of it as not just an income source but a ticket to freedom and the lifestyle you’ve always yearned for.

Revolutionize Your Product Launch Strategy with “The Product Pioneer”
Are you ready to catapult your product into the vast digital realm but feel lost in the launch process? Dive into the golden pages of “The Product Pioneer,” where Mason Thomas, a seasoned entrepreneur and product-launch guru, unravels the secrets to launching physical products successfully in the online marketplace.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Market Mastery: Unlock strategies to perfect your market research, ensuring you pick the right product every time.
  • Effortless Manufacturing: Navigate the intricate world of production like a pro.
  • Brand Boosters: Dive into the art of branding and marketing, building demand that skyrockets your sales.
  • Distribution Dynamics: Set your product distribution on autopilot.
  • Powerful Partnerships: Forge strategic alliances that amplify your reach and revenue.

But why should you trust Mason?

With 75+ product launches, sales surging from $30 million to $50 million during the course of writing this book, and a position in Inc. 500’s “2017’s Greatest and Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs,” Mason’s track record speaks for itself. His story is not just about success but resilience. From a troubled childhood to multimillion-dollar product launches, his journey is testament to the fact that with passion, a clear vision, continuous learning, and relentless action, anything is possible.

Unlike other guides that promise the world and deliver fluff, “The Product Pioneer” offers a tangible roadmap. Many have claimed the path to financial freedom, but Mason provides a clear walkthrough from ideation to launch and beyond.

In an age where a single income often falls short and the allure of entrepreneurial freedom grows stronger, this book is not just a guide—it’s a beacon for those seeking to build multiple income streams and gain control over their financial destiny. Don’t just live someone else’s dream or be swayed by naysayers; chart your own course in the vast ocean of online commerce.

Your journey to becoming a product pioneer starts here. Are you ready to redefine your destiny and elevate your entrepreneurial game? Dive in and discover the gold mine of insights that await!

The Golden Paradigm: How Startups and Creators Cultivate the Sweet Spot Between Product and Brand to Grow Their Network Effects

A world trending in excess of polar extremes led by algorithmic “profiteering” calls for a new mindset, as the pendulum is now frozen at both ends. This new mindset cultivates a golden mean balance (or Golden Paradigm), where brand keeps humanity in focus and ensures technologies wield influence in people’s lives responsibly.

The Golden Paradigm helps readers revisit “forgotten” human ingenuities: storytelling and storymaking creativities. These harness the relationship between brand, audience, and “kaleidoscoping” business models that fuse sustainment and disruption in a golden mean balance—paradoxically generating transformative growth. It starts with a “truth-telling” Golden Compass that brings awareness of the market context. This provides power player awareness and also empowers the reader to map a transformative growth journey line in market quadrants from Avalanche or Potential Rocket to Bright Light and Marvelous Marquee.

Along the journey line, readers are equipped with toolkits, methods, and resources that unfreeze their creativity. The Golden Paradigm is a “kaleidoscoping” process, where the reader looks at a set of elements such as price, quality, business models, service experience—the same ones everyone else sees—but then reassembles those elements into an
enticing new possibility!

The Golden Paradigm offers a community that fuses creators, tech founders, and leaders together, imbues humanity in a tech-tattered world, and moves us toward a more positive age.

The Nonstop Entrepreneur: 15 Rules for making a difference, Serving others through leadership, and building your fortune

It is about the Mindset required to be an Entrepreneur and the Habits and Tactics to get there. It is about Leadership, and Helping others solve the issues to becoming self-employed, self-actualized and self-aware in business.

It is also about making money in the Digital World and Online by offering products that help and serve others to accomplish these goals through training, courses, and taking action to accomplish their dreams.
Creating a Start-Up is difficult. Starting one takes guts and heart. By becoming a Nonstop Entrepreneur, your dreams CAN come true.

Meet Craig Richwine

Craig Richwine is an entrepreneur, author, writer, online content provider, coach and speaker. Craig has also authored LA DMV, a comedy screenplay. Through his journey Craig has found a passion in helping people create an entrepreneurial lifestyle, build sales, and improve their marketing, branding, and advertising. Craig also enjoys helping others become effective speakers, write copy, create online content and mentor others that wish to learn these skill sets. In his spare time Craig is also a frequent Big Mountain Skier and in the past was even an Alpine Race Coach.


– Previous Director at HeadGear Technologies LLC, helping with business planning, sales, marketing and operations.
– Past President / CEO and founder of Champion Manufacturing USA, Inc. for 13 years.
– Served as Executive Vice President of sales and marketing for International Voice Exchange, where he started their national Voice Mail Systems division.
– Spent 2.5 years with Shearson Lehman Hutton as a stock and bond broker.
– Started numerous ventures including America’s Rockin’ Coffee House (ARCH, Inc.) in 1997 (sold the business to a restaurant entrepreneur).
– Worked in sales, sales management, corporate management and business ownership.

run_frictionless: How to free a founder from a sale role

run frictionless helps founders scale out of a sales role, using a decision-making framework called the 4Qs.

The mistake founders and high performing salespeople make is trying to scale up the business by replacing themselves with another human being. Simply, there isn’t another human like you looking for a job. Those who are good at selling are busy doing their own startup, not working for you.

Scale up a business and free the founder of sales role

There are a few things you can try to free a founder from a sales role. One. Don’t worry, keep growing. Two. Stop growing the business. Or three, hire a replacement. These are not effective! Over time they will fail you.

run frictionless presents an alternative – an option nobody is talking about. Scaling the business with a sales system.

A sales system spells out the formula required to make a customer, in a clearly understood sequence. It is similar to a sales funnel or sales process, only more comprehensive. It will tell you the precise number of interactions required to make a customer. If you serve small businesses, this could be 15 interactions. If you serve enterprise forms it could number 25 or more interactions.

  • Predict sales. Distill a sale process to a handful of customer interactions you can teach the whole organization. Win a customer, and know why you won that customer.
  • Get more leads. The book offers several pre-designed customer flows to improve sales you can use right away. Imagine how much business you’re turning away, simply because you’re not starting conversations with customers the way they want.
  • Better decision-making. If you are going to free the founder, staff have to learn to think like the founder. Make everyone accountable with an easy-to-use framework called the 4Qs.
  • Sell 24/7. Automation moves the customers through a sales system even when the salesforce or founder is not at their desk.

Scaling up the startup with a sales system

A sales system is key to scaling up a startup. If staff follow the formula, you can predict the odds of creating a customer. Imagine a sales system as a series of dials. Turn the dials and you make an improvement. It is not uncommon to improve sales by 25 percent just by turning a dial. You didn’t re-engineer the business or substitute staff.

Building lasting sales teams

Another benefit of a sales system is it augments your workforce. The best people are working on the highest value tasks, and other tasks can be carried out by less experienced folk. The intellectual property of how a customer is made is in the sales system. Each salesperson needs only understand the part of the system where they contribute.

Design your own sales system

run frictionless will teach you how to design a sales system, using a framework called the 4Qs. It doesn’t matter if you are a fintech startup or a traditional medical practice operating for five years. The 4Qs will take what you know intuitively and organize this knowledge into four powerful quadrants, making it easy to run frictionless.

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