FREEZE: Inaction In The Face Of Business Crisis

Are you terrified a serious disruption could rip your business apart? Discover how to craft practical plans to get a better night’s sleep.

Is your company expanding so fast, you’re worried it’s not disaster-proof? Fearful that your baby will be destroyed in a recession? Do you want to shore up your operation and protect it from crisis? Successful entrepreneurs and consultants D. Scott Smith and Veronica Jeans have lived and breathed startups and mergers, helping thousands negotiate commercial change. Now they’re here to share expert insights into preparing yourself for any upheaval and laying the groundwork for success.

Freeze: Inaction in the Face of Business Crisis is a hands-on manual filled with easy-to-implement techniques that will fortify your enterprise to handle both foreseen and unexpected hurdles. Aimed at anyone from solopreneurs to freelancers and small businesses, Smith and Jeans lay out simple approaches to protecting your cash flow and growth. And by following and acting on their hard-earned wisdom, you’ll breathe easier knowing that your blood, sweat, and tears can weather any storm and thrive.In Freeze, you’ll discover:

  • Powerful historical examples of real-world application to surviving disasters and growing
  • How to get past inaction so you’ll always have something to act on to move forward
  • The Value Wheel and why it is key to lowering risk and making your work indestructible
  • How neuroscience aids your understanding so you can stop putting out fires and keep ahead of the game
  • Ways to identify potential cracks and mitigate against failure, useful thinking models, and much, much more!

Freeze: Inaction in the Face of Business Crisis is an essential handbook for anyone who wants to safeguard their livelihood. If you like straight-to-the-point guidance, rock-solid methods, and ways to turn concepts into action plans, then you’ll love D. Scott Smith & Veronica Jeans’ indispensable resource.

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Meet Veronica Jeans

Veronica Jeans is an eCommerce business consultant, speaker, Shopify partner, lecturer, and bestselling author. She has had extensive experience helping eCommerce businesses grow in the global marketplace.
Jeans integrates her extensive knowledge in the field of eCommerce, along with her international financial expertise, to offer up a playbook for generating income online.

D. Scott Smith is a collaborator sitting at the juncture of strategy and execution. He is known as a “Motivational Listener.” Scott is a speaker, coach, and mentor who will inspire and motivate you. He works with businesses and individuals globally.

Media Crowning Brands: How to put your hands in the data honeypot and come out with a game-changing, predictive media strategy

What this book is all about:
Data is the matchmaker between a Brand and the consumers, as it can profoundly change their relationship status. Today there is a different amount of data available in each business and modern Media agencies act as the trustees of successful business transformations. 
This book is about making best friends with data, mitigating uncertainty, and forming winning media strategies. Some simple, yet mind troubling questions for marketers, managers, stakeholders and media planners, that this book answers:

  • What are the most important KPIs in Business and Media?
  • Is there a way to quantify how money spent on advertising can affect a brand’s sales?
  • How can simple Statistics describe the Media market?
  • How can a media planner utilize econometric models to create simple and effective planning tools?
  • What is an efficient use of Predictive Analytics?
  • What is Attribution?
  • What is the future of Media agencies and Business analytics?

Meet Dimitris Stogiannis

Holding a Ph.D. in Applied Statistics, Dimitris is an Athens based statistician working as Head of RDI Statistics Department at the Greek National Documentation Center. He has worked as Research & Insights Strategist at one of the largest marketing and communications companies in the world and he specializes in Communications Planning, Consumer Behavior Analysis and Strategy for multinational companies, maximising Return On brands’ Investments. He has been involved in several econometrics projects for local and multinational companies. He is an adjunct lecturer in Statistics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UOA) and at the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) and also the co-author of two academic books in Operational Research, that are distributed in over 60 University departments in Greece. He has worked as a postdoctoral researcher at University College London (UCL) and UOA and his work is published in international scientific journals and announced in international scientific conferences.