Oh, Mr. Boss!

The attraction was there at the start, but neither knew it. Kit, wealthy heir to a chain of department stores, often goes clubbing. Cleo also likes to party, but she’s from a working class family on the other side of town. After a night out, Cleo oversleeps and reports for her new job at Kit’s store an hour late. Rushing out without makeup or contacts with her hair severely pinned back, she’s a far cry from the flirty Cleo at the club. At first, Kit scolds her for being late. He soon realizes his new hire isn’t a woman who’s easily pushed around. Not until he catches her in a lie do both realize they were at the club unknowingly flirting with each other. While their relationship roars ahead full speed, Kit’s mother is looking to clip his wings. Anxious for him to settle down with a nice girl, she asks to meet his girlfriend. Hoping to get her off his back once and for all, Kit introduces her to Cleo with her take-no-crap attitude. Will his plan succeed? Or will Cleo outsmart him?

Meet Mitzi Lang

Mitzi Lang is the pseudonym of a quiet, unassuming house mouse who lives vicariously through the characters in her books. Through them, she’s known love, lust, betrayal, forgiveness, and family drama. Under her real name, she’s a multi-published author in the women’s fiction/romance genre. Most are longer, contemporary romances, but she’s also written historical, literary, and time-travel. This is her first venture into short and steamy, and she’d love to know what you think.