Stable: Someone Is Taking Them

A kidnapper hiding in plain sight. A rural town with tons of suspects. From debut author Cam Torrens comes a gut-wrenching suspense novel based on an actual missing person case. A 911 call sends Search & Rescue on a search for a missing girl in the Collegiate Peaks. They find a child…but not the one they seek. Air Force pilot Tyler Zahn’s life disintegrated when he lost his son. He discarded his family, his career, and his dignity, finding solace in apathy and beer. Eight years later, armed with new confidence, he invites his estranged daughter, Daria, to visit his Rocky Mountain home. Zahn tries too hard to mend their relationship, and as the tension between father and daughter increases, forgiveness seems out of reach. Especially when his Search & Rescue work pulls him away from Daria and she finds romance at the church camp next door. But Zahn can’t get the missing girl he found—and the one he can’t find—out of his mind. Someone in this mountain valley is collecting children, and Zahn is gradually drawn into the case while still trying to break through to his daughter. Then she disappears too.

Meet Cam Torrens

Over a 30-year Air Force career, author Cam Torrens delivered combat supplies and personnel across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. He piloted the first mobility aircraft into Iraq during the Iraq War, served as the United States Air Attaché at the US Embassy in Beijing, China, and spent four years as the Professor of Aerospace Studies at Virginia Tech. A father of six, Cam and his spouse live in Buena Vista, Colorado where he serves as the Vice President of Central Colorado Writers and volunteers with the Chaffee County Search & Rescue team. Stable is his debut novel. The next book in the Tyler Zahn series, False Summit, was released in October, 2023.

One Day, A Thousand Autumns

When the line between past and present blurs, all roads lead to home. The haunting legacy of a brutal family massacre casts a dark shadow over the picturesque coastal town of Crescent Cove. In a night of unfathomable violence, the Piper family was torn apart, leaving one solitary survivor. Enna Piper, a gifted artist with an affinity for capturing the essence of life on canvas, fled this idyllic haven a decade ago. Bound by guilt for surviving while her loved ones perished, Enna could only run from the relentless memories for so long before fate dragged her back to the home she tried so desperately to leave behind. Armed with a new found desire to unearth the truth and unravel the threads of her own shattered history, Enna vows to confront the darkness that claimed her family. As she delves deeper into the intricacies of the past, the town’s secrets begin to reveal a twisted tapestry of greed, vengeance, and deceit. Enna must navigate a treacherous path, reconciling her yearning for answers with the longing to build a future. This is Book One in the Crescent Cove series but there is no cliffhanger.

Meet Katherine Rawson

Katherine Rawson began writing her first full-length novel while working on her undergraduate degree at the University of North Texas. Writing has always been a passionate hobby and a cathartic way to get through life’s ups and downs. Born in upstate New York, Katherine spent her formative years in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. She has also called Texas, New England, and the Pacific Northwest home. Katherine now resides in the highlands of West Virginia with her husband, daughter, and beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

You’re Clear

Have you heard the rumors of what lies beneath the PDX Airport?

During an emergency evacuation, an airline supervisor is trapped with 4 others beneath the airport searching for an escape route. Terror grips the group while the airport doors are in lock-down. They are pursued by what appears to be port police officers, but something doesn’t feel right. A foreboding sense tells her not to trust them.

Desperate to get to the one security door she thinks might work, she struggles to avoid being intervened by the men in uniform that she comes to know can’t be trusted.

The supervisor juggles her innate need to be in control to find safety yet shake off the hidden attraction to the FBI Agent among the five of them. Does he feel it too? Will they eventually find safety . . . and romance? Their power struggle of who trumps who in the security hierarchy plays out throughout their dilemma

Their escape appears hopeless until another person in the group reveals a big secret about what lies beneath the airport. How does he know this? It’s a thrill ride from the time they become trapped until the surprise ending you won’t see coming. Who will survive today . . . and who won’t? You will never see the airport the same way again!

You’ll love this roller coaster action because everyone enjoys twists, turns, and unlikely heroes.

Meet JL LeGerrette

JL LeGerrette’s first publication is a small biographical collection of short stories and poems titled The Colors of My Life. It’s a laugh-out-loud funny recollection that might possibly bring a tear to your eye as well. You can also read about this particular, very important journey at her blog site-

She is also the author of the thriller titled You’re Clear. With a background as an Airline Customer Service Agent for an airline, combined with her lifetime role as a hairdresser for over forty years, she has combined those experiences of “understanding all walks of life” to spin out her fun tale. “There are few exceptions of careers where people allow you to come into their small bubble and remain,” she shares when speaking of her career as a hairdresser. “You learn to ‘feel’ what people are ‘thinking’.”

Her latest work is a small children’s book titled Our Days. This book is based on a poem written by JL LeGerrette when her children were small. It hints at the exhausting daily activities that come with raising children while merging with the unconditional love a parent has for them. It’s about the beautiful memories that are being created during those wonderful years.

She lives in the Pacific Northwest, hating and loving the rain, cherishing Spring and Fall as old friends, and waiting anxiously for their peaceful visits.


Myra, a young Fae secretly living in the mortal lands of Caspian, spends her days in the same monotonous cycle. Train, study, eat, sleep and repeat. Yet, all the while, the question of who she is and what her purpose is, seeps into every crevice of her mind.
A sudden turn of events and threat to the southern continent sends Myra’s life into a whirlwind, changing everything she’s ever known in a blink of an eye.
Who is she destined to be? A protector? A fighter? A lover? Myra dives headfirst into the Fae world in hopes of discovering her destiny and saving the only world she’s ever known.

Meet Laila Marcus

From Whence The Rivers Run

Set on the Ruzizi River above Lake Tanganyika, Cicinski’s exquisitely crafted second novel is the story of an old Burundian fisherwoman who sets out to hunt and kill the legendarily large and vicious crocodile that killed her husband a year previously; and of her granddaughter, Lenka, who follows her in the hopes of protecting her not only from the dangers she faces in her quest for vengeance, but from losing the last vestiges of the woman she once was. Through the course of the hunt, Cicinski paints a vivid picture not only of a relationship between a young girl full of hope and optimism and dreams of the future, and an old woman who has been all but destroyed by grief and an all-consuming desire for revenge, but more broadly of the relationship between humanity and nature, the experience of grief and ageing, and the character of a strong woman who even in her darkest moments of despair refuses to be ruled by the expectations of her society.

Meet T.M Cicinski

T.M Cicinski is a British-born literary fiction novelist and short story writer, currently living and working in Granada, Spain. From Whence The Rivers Run is his second novel.

Virgil Team

Free ebook Jan 1 – 3 2023, All reviews are greatly appreciated! Kia Santor is desperately trying to do what her mother wanted, to stay hidden and safe. That means that she has to hide her extraordinary abilities to heal and connect to others telepathically. But when she breaks her vow to keep her abilities a secret to save a man’s life, she finds herself thrust into the shadowy world that surrounds the new military organization called Black Branch. She must now help herself and her new team uncover what hunts her and seeks revenge against them. Kale Reyes wasn’t prepared for a woman to be brought onto his elite special operations team. After losing his sister and a team member in the incident years ago he had harden his heart and operated like a true operator; unthinking and unfeeling. Until Kia came to the team and turned what they thought they knew about the world upside down. Now he has to not only protect the single person in the world that could make him feel again, but he has to do so while facing an old enemy that has him and Kia in its sites.

Meet Bonnie Blevins

Your reviews are important and valuable! Born and raised in a small Virginia town Bonnie’s aspirations were to serve her country. At seventeen she joined the US Army as a Military Police officer. After suffering from a hip injury she had to end her service earlier than planned but found new goals. Bonnie then collected the short stories that she wrote throughout her military career and created her first novel: Virgil Team. Now she is pursuing what she enjoys as a writer and photographer

The Seeds of Akara

“The vast cosmos isn’t what it used to be in this clever SF tale.”  -Kirkus Reviews

The universe has died.

It has reached its eventual heat death and no further life processes are possible.  

But something has gathered all the sentient life-forms that had ever reached a reasonable level of complexity and placed them in a lattice-work sphere around a final star. The truth of their existence is known to a select few, and the ultimate reason for their existence is known to fewer still.

When a nihilistic, malevolent force releases a pathogen designed to end all life, a young girl and some allies must get to the central world to keep her world from being destroyed to stop the spread of the virus. 

Book one of the New Sky trilogy is an epic adventure featuring multiple worlds and characters whose actions will determine nothing less than whether or not life continues. You’ll love the characters and adventure in this novel.

Get it now.

You can read the whole kirkus review at:

Meet David Lapiana

A childhood sense of wonder led the author to discover the stories and deeds of the great mythological heroes. Eventually, however, Achilles, Hector, and Theseus, not to mention lesser known characters in Celtic, Germanic and Native American myths led to an enjoyment of such larger-than-life heroes as Superman, Captain America and Thor. The first actual science fiction novel read (at the age of 15) was Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End and with that the author was hooked. Through varied incarnations as a businessman, accountant, construction worker, and various sales positions the urge to write was strong, but not pursued until reaching his fifties.

No Man’s Land

“My name is Rebel Anne Rae… and I am the last remaining human alive on planet Earth.”

When the robot uprising began, humans fled a planet in cataclysmic decline — mistakenly leaving behind a solitary girl. 

Marooned in a dangerous, dystopian world ruled with oppressive technology, Rebel is forced to survive and avoid detection among androids intent on hunting her down. Her only chance for safety lies with Thomas, a young Mech willing to help reunite her with her people. 

Caught between two warring factions, Rebel is forced to decide the fate of the Mech she’s grown to love, or her own people — who want their planet back.

Meet Ben Magid

Ben Magid is an author, comic book writer and professional screenwriter, garnering much acclaim for his debut novel, No Man’s Land, Book 1 in the Robosapien series.

Originally from Chicago, Ben now lives in Los Angeles with his partner Ciana, daughters Adelaide and Emmeline, and Finn, a funny looking husky/shitzu.