Turkish Delight

Join in on a week filled with laughter, romance, colourful cocktails and language, and honest conversations between good friends + just a little bit of craziness! Maya, Charlotte, June and Cecilia have been friends for more than 20 years and have shared each other’s ups and downs throughout life. Now that they’re in their 40s, they have decided to go on a holiday to Turkey together. A country none of them have travelled in before. We cross paths with the girls while they’re getting ready for their holiday and they invite us to tag along for a week of sun and fun in the beautiful coastal town of Cennet. Together, they have to find their way in a country and a culture that’s like nothing they’ve ever experienced. Throughout their week together, they create lasting memories and uncover surprising, unexpected, and shocking aspects of each other. Because why is the shy Cecilia so much more tense and uptight than usual? What does the perfect Charlotte hide from her husband – and from her friends? Will the fun-loving Maya overcome her insecurities, what is the confident June’s big secret, and is something going to happen with Haci, the cute waiter from the restaurant? And last but not least: What the heck is Turkish Delight?! __________________________________________________________________ A WORD FROM THE AUTHOR: Turkish Delight is a story that is highly inspired from nearly 20 years of escapades and observations during holidays in Turkey. That means that the overall vibe of this book most likely will feel very familiar and relatable to many others who have been on holiday in lovely Turkey, AND are on the “wrinkly” side of their 40s. ;-) We have all experienced relaxing holiday moods, lovely trips to the beach, and a lot of fun and laughter with friends and family. But, because of these real-life components in the narrative, this book also contains loads of alcohol, cheesy and tacky humour, swear words, and a lot of banter between good friends. Is this book for you? In all honesty … If you normally don’t find this type of literature funny or/and entertaining, this book is probably not for you, and I would advise against reading it. ;-) However!If you normally enjoy this type of story, you will most likely totally love this sunny feel-good holiday adventure.

Meet Anjelica Søndergaard

Anjelica Søndergaard (1975) grew up in a suburban area called Hvidovre, just outside the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. The power of the written words has always fascinated Anjelica. That stories can paint vivid images, evoke specific emotions in readers or make someone completely disappear into another world, if only for a moment. That’s almost magical. Her debut novel Turkish Delight, which launched her writing career, is a huge declaration of love for both women’s friendship and the magic that comes when you say yes to the adventures of everyday life. The inspiration came from countless holidays in Turkey with family and friends for over 20 years. Throughout the journeys, an abundance of amusing and outrageous tales and experiences has been collected and written down, featuring a diverse array of individuals and scenarios.

The 9 Cosmic Laws

This book is a spiritual journey that will help you tap into your godpower. The intention of this novel is to inspire and transform the reader. This is a journey of the human experience that is charged with a wide range of emotions. You will identify with the adversities that the main character faces. Yet most importantly, you will walk with her as she grows during her life path. Here you will see these universal principles explained and experienced. The author will teach you how to use these principles to manifest your goals into reality.

Meet Maylin Ofarrill

Maylin O’Farrill was born in Cuba and raised in America. She is a Spiritual Manifestation Coach. She has been helping clients to succeed for 30 years.

Even More Ghostly Mysteries: Haunted Everly After Books 1-3 (The Haunted Everly After Collection Book 1)

Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, sometimes they believe in you… When Everly Dupree found her husband in bed with her best friend, for a split second, she wanted to murder them both! Instead, she doused them with a bucket of cold water and then packed up and moved back home to the small, quirky town of Mooselick River. For the ridiculously low amount owed in back taxes, Everly purchases a house, sight unseen, only to discover everyone in town believes it’s haunted! But after a run-in with spiritual enthusiast Leandra Wade, it turns out the ghosts aren’t interested in Spooky Manor after all, but it’s new owner. Now, Everly is tasked with solving every murder, new and old, that happens in Mooselick River. Otherwise, she’s going to end up being haunted Everly after! If you like plucky heroines, lovable characters, and ghost mysteries set in Maine, you’ll love this cozy, paranormal series. Includes: Book 1. Ghost Mortem Book 2. Bargain Haunter Book 3. Christmas Presence

Meet ReGina Welling & Erin Lynn

ReGina Welling and Erin Lynn are a mother-daughter writing team. Together, they have penned four series, The Fate Weaver series, the Ponderosa Pines Cozy Mysteries, the Mag & Clara Balefire Mysteries, and the Haunted Everly After Mysteries. ReGina is also the author of the Psychic Seasons books and Earthbound series. They live in rural Maine.

Fix Your Crown

15 Authors. 15 Women. 15 FIERCE Heroines.

Fix Your Crown is a collection of 15 stories about bold Heroines who will not be stopped.

With each purchase, we are donating 100% of the royalty to a charity that will empower women to fix their crowns.

Participating Authors:
Alexi Ferreira
Amanda Shelley
Amaya Black
Angela Sanders
Barb Shuler 
Brittany Tarkington
Callie Rae
E.K. Woodcock
Jade Bay
Jami Denise
Jo Richardson
Khloe Summers
Ruby Wolff
Sofia Aves
Tanya Nellestein

Meet Participating Authors: Alexi Ferreira Amanda Shelley Amaya Black Angela Sanders Barb Shuler Brittany Tarkington Callie Rae E.K. Woodcock Jade Bay Jami Denise Jo Richardson Khloe Summers Ruby Wolff Sofia Aves Tanya Nellestein

Pre-Order Fix Your Crown today. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to a charity for breast cancer.

Participating Authors: Alexi Ferreira Amanda Shelley Amaya Black Angela Sanders Barb Shuler Brittany Tarkington Callie Rae E.K. Woodcock Jade Bay Jami Denise Jo Richardson Khloe Summers Ruby Wolff Sofia Aves Tanya Nellestein

The Granddaughters

Underestimated by crooks and cops alike, three “over-the-hill” women become formidable amateur sleuths when they find themselves entangled in a decades-old, unsolved crime.

Mystery writer Ellie Russo invites her cousins Sandy McCabe and Franny Baker to join her, as she travels to picturesque Orange Lake in Newburgh, New York to research a story for her newest book.

Looking forward to staying in the lake house their grandmother once owned, the mini-reunion turns dangerous for these “women of an age”, when they become targets of the criminals they seek to expose.

Having overcome personal loss, and suffering from ailments not uncommon to older women, Ellie, Sandy, and Franny find that age has not diminished their strength or personal capabilities, and that they are willing to do whatever it takes to protect each other – including murder.

Meet Margaret Belle

Margaret Belle has written three other novels prior to THE GRANDDAUGHTERS. She lives in Central New York where she is a wife, the mother of three sons and grandmother to seven. She was a high school Biology teacher, and has owned and operated an small advertising agency since 1983. She is a home baker who was the NYS Culinary Champion in 2012. Before that, she was honored to be name an Unsung Heroine by the National Organization of Women for leadership in business. Now 75-years-old, her next novel is well underway!