Suicide Cop

Rashid has a side hustle; he rescues suicidal teens he meets online. Ava jumps from one bad relationship to another, damaging her already fragile self esteem. When the two meet and fall in love, will it be enough to save her?

Meet Gretchen Lovett

I’ve always wanted to write for a living. In fifth grade, I discovered the Song of the Lioness Trilogy, and I was hooked on reading forever after. I passed up the opportunity to pursue English in college because I thought I writing was a hobby rather than a career. “Don’t quit your day job,” and all that. Recently (in no small part due to COVID) I did quit my day job, and began applying to writing gigs full time. I dove into ghostwriting and grant writing and copywriting, anything that involved sitting at the computer and thinking of words. While I still do some of all of that, my true passion is novel writing.