Mummys can be so much fun!

They love their little ones to bits and are always ready to have a good time—whether it’s a learning situation or just being silly.

Mummy’s will help you ride your bike through the neighbourhood or drive you to school, making each journey an adventure.

Bathtime is far more fun with Mum. And bedtimes just aren’t the same without a story and a big hug goodnight from your superhero and best friend: Mummy! 


One call could change her life forever…

It’s not every day you discover you have superpowers.

The only problem: Darby Shaw’s particular brand has never been seen before, and the agency in charge of monitoring superhumans have her in their sights.

They want to know why she’s different—and they won’t give up until she’s tested.

But Darby’s department knows the value of having a super who can revive the murdered.

Training Darby is the task of homicide detective Mark Herman. He can’t figure out just why she mesmerizes him, but he’s not going to let anyone stop her from succeeding in her new role.

The thing is, she has to figure out how to use her powers again. If she can’t, the police can’t use her.

Then Darby will be easy pickings for the corrupt bureaucrats who want her in their lab.

Emergence is the introductory novella in The Darby Shaw Chronicles, a paranormal mystery series. If you enjoy deep characters, superpowers, and a good whodunit, Emergence is for you.

Go on a ride-along with Darby today!

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Invincible – Season 1

Part 1 in the Invincible Trilogy.

A cursed man. A once-disabled woman enhanced by his extraordinary gene. Now, they’ve found themselves trapped in a deadly game.

Death and destruction follow Ryan Scott wherever he goes—a curse he calls The Influence. Then, he learns he’s not like other humans. He has a unique genetic variant that slows his ageing, regenerates his cells, and makes him impervious to toxins. He carries within him a virtual miracle cure that could save the lives of millions.

Multiple sclerosis victim, Laura Shepherd, is cured when scientists develop the ultimate serum from Ryan’s DNA. But they never predicted how it would enhance her physical capabilities.

Horrific deaths occur when the mysterious threat that has haunted Ryan’s life strikes again. With Laura by his side, they face a gauntlet of deadly traps that challenge their abilities to the limit. But could there be a connection between Ryan’s extraordinary gift . . . and his terrible curse?

Get the pulse-pounding first installment in the Invincible Trilogy today, and join two heroes as they struggle to survive against the gravest odds!

(A heads-up: while the mysteries and goals pertaining to this book are resolved by the end, the story is not complete until the end of the third book. The ‘cliffhangers’ at the end are actually an introduction to the next story arc.)

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Miscreants, Murderers, & Thieves: a collection of short stories about devious behavior


Take a tour through the minds of thirteen of today’s most talented independent authors in a crime anthology like no other. Miscreants, Murderers, and Thieves hosts a cross-section of indie writers from all across America in a unique compilation of diverse voices set to take you on a journey beyond your wildest imagination. From aging detectives trapped in a magic house of hell, to a doctor with a fascination for the macabre, to New Century City, where superheroes and super villains battle it out for supremacy, this is a genre-bending short story collection guaranteed to thrill you in ways you never thought possible.

*Enter at your own risk*

Featuring contributions from award-winning authors and wordsmiths such as Don Bapst, David Beeler, Shawn D. Brink, Dori Ann Dupre, Gabriel DiDomenico, Dane G. Kroll, Ethel Lung, Casey Mensing, Suzanne Crain Miller, Samuel W. Reed, Katherine Tomlinson, Will Wallace & Nicholas Zemin, with illustrations by Jared Sloger.

Jet Set Jeff: The Science Defender


The City of Springdale is facing rising crime due to an economic setback. There are not enough first responders to help those in need or each other.

This is why 10-year old Jeff Morgan secretly creates a malfunctioning gadget suit to protect his mother, a police officer, and his father, a firefighter from the menace scientist Glue Dude and his squad of misfits seeking to terrorize the city. Can Jeff handle his defected suit in not only saving his parents but also stopping his nemesis Glue Dude from activating a secret weapon intended to destroy humanity?

In this humorous action-adventure chapter-book containing vivid illustrations, each chapter has an interesting stand alone story leading eventually to the final climax where Jeff not only learns of his true purpose but also must make a big decision he never expected in the never-ending battle against crime.

Jeff’s efforts in the struggle to use his gadgets to succeed is aligned to how anyone with positive values can eventually triumph over obstacles. This book is an ideal for children. Life is a rollar coaster ride. With determination and persistence, dreams can be fulfilled.

Jet Set Jeff: The Science Defender relates to children as heroes and the journey to make a difference in the lives of others during tough times.

The Hangman’s Owl


20 years ago the Hangman’s Owl disappeared.

Hero. Villain. Monster. Fiend.

The mysterious creature has had lingering effects on the beleaguered nation, long since at odds with its own oppressed people. Without its omniscient avenger, crime runs rampant in the streets, and the country crumbles before foreign besiegers. The downtrodden and mighty alike have nowhere to turn.

20 years later, ironclad destroyers take to the seas and unmanned autonomous airships blanket the sky. The continent is charged for a coming World War when someone has finally come looking. Who, or what they will find when they finally run the Owl to ground, is another matter entirely. Some monsters are better left in their fetters. Others, however, may save more lives than anyone has ever imagined once they are truly unleashed…

The Hangman’s Owl brings to life a Steampunk Superhero in a dark near-modern Age. It is the story of costumed superpowers when confronted with the strange, weird, and downright magical.

“Gotham by Gaslight by way of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.”

Book No. 1 in the Hangman’s Owl series
(followed by the Hangman’s Owl and the Lady of May Tulips. Available now.)

The Steel Hounds


For those who hunt for the very best of the LitRPG genre, an impossible to miss new explosive release sure to catch the eye of all the fans of The Land and Awaken Online!
Stan, also known as Mongoose, is an extreme traceur and a freerunner, whose real-life talents attracted the attention of The Steel Hounds, the most notorious and private clan of the virtual world of Artar, famous for serving the grey cardinal. While the political landscape for this new world is yet to form, intrigues, conspiracy, daring raids, and sabotage are the main weapons of the Hounds, and his evaluation has just begun.

To complete it successfully and become a full-fledged member of the clan, Stan will have to adapt to working side-by-side with the most unique people with shady backgrounds — even if he is not a team player by nature and has already failed at the very beginning by choosing the class least suitable for teamwork: Battle Monk.

Stan is rebellious, free-spirited, and daring. He risks his life every day just to avoid getting bored of the daily grind. Normally, an expelled student has no hope of entering the virtual world of Artar, an expensive online VR project, but when a suspicious organization offers to pay all expenses to let Stan in for a special purpose, Mongoose gets his chance to join the select few. However, to successfully complete his trial, Stan will have to face his main enemy — himself, while finding peace and mastering all five styles of the Battle Monks of Artar.

The Steel Hounds is the first book of the highly popular Russian LitRPG series The Chronicles of Artar by Vladimir Vasilenko. The brightest representative of a new wave of Gamelit writers, Vladimir has created the story of Mongoose, a reckless teenager kicked out of college, who has to struggle with following strict discipline and finding inner harmony while traversing the difficult path of a Battle Monk.