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Supernatural fantasy drama based dual timeline multiple cast character starrer gonec is a perfect mix of emotions and entertainment.

Meet Atul raghav

Atul Raghav is a teen author who lives in Delhi. A lover of fantasy supernatural, thrillers, he pens his first book—the first of a trilogy.

Atul Raghav is an avid reader. He likes to participate in various activities and loves nature. He is meticulous in everything he does. Age is not a criterion for the creation and he tries to prove that.

Love Torn


Detective Kali Mann lives by her nickname: The Mann-Eater. She’s a true love them and leave them with no attachments—ever. She a hard-core, to the point, intense detective who takes her job seriously and she doesn’t always play nice with others. When her partner, Keith Harvard, finally gets her to take notice of him, the case they are working goes awry, and suddenly Kali is having emotions she’s not sure she wants. A major part of her past comes back to haunt her and just as she beings to open herself up, her life will be torn apart.

Love Torn is the second book in the Twisted Love Series. The first book, Love Lorn, was written by Amy Manemann and introduces you to Detective Evie Harper. Get to know them both before you jump into the first intense full-length novel, Love Inked.

The Twisted Love Series:
The Series consists of nine stories co-written between Bestselling Author Amy Manemann and USA Today Bestselling Author Stacy Eaton. This series starts off with Love Lorn, Book 1, (Written by Manemann) and introduces you to Detective Evie Harper. Love Torn, Book 2, (written by Eaton), introduces you to Detective Kali Mann. In Love Inked, these two detectives are partnered together. The Twisted Love Series is an intense police procedural and romantic suspense series that delves deep into the world of crime and how it is investigated. Due to the fact that the crimes continue from one book to the next, some of these books do contain cliff-hangers. These books also contain adult language and sexual situations.

Love Lorn, Book 1, written by Manemann
Love Torn, Book 2, written by Eaton
Love Inked, Book 3, co-written by Eaton & Manemann
Love Drowned, Book 4, co-written by Eaton & Manemann (May 9, 2019)
Love Carved, Book 5, co-written by Eaton & Manemann (Late 2019)
Love Trapped, Book 6, co-written by Eaton & Manemann (2020)
Love Crossed, Book 7 (2020)
Love Twisted, Book 8 (2020)
Love Lies, Book 9 (2020)