Conscious Design

Conscious design is a philosophy my company, Peterman Design Firm, has been using to create brands and products that restore and sustain our planet. The Peterman Method for conscious design is the culmination of Ian’s 15+ years working in product development and Jessica’s 20 years in working as a healer and studying regenerative technologies and tools for both people and our planet. Together, we’ve written this book to lay out a culmination of our combined experiences with the goal to help other people start looking at the world, and design, in a more conscious way. Conscious Design is built on 4 key pillars: Observation, Impact, Connection, and Inclusion. This book covers each area and how to ensure your brand is really looking at each of these pillars to create the best solutions possible. If you are building products and brands with regeneration and sustainability in mind, we appreciate you! We hope this book will give you some ideas on how to implement Conscious Design by using the Peterman Method with your own project. Learn more here: & here: Written by Ian Peterman & Jessica Peterman Edited by Mel Peterman Designed by Sara Alexander

Meet Ian Peterman, Jessica Peterman

Ian Peterman is the founder and CEO of the Peterman Design firm and the leading expert in Conscious Design. Having released the Peterman Method in 2020, his focus continues to be on developing better ways to create products that benefit people and the planet. Jessica Peterman is an acupuncturist, healer, and Ayurvedic practitioner with over a decade of experience working with clients to achieve a better balance in their life through conscious processes and concepts.