Running From Dust


“I could not put this book down.” 5 Stars – Goodreads Reviewer

“An attention grabbing psychological thriller.” 5 Stars – Goodreads Reviewer

Jude Craig is a level-headed 30-something history teacher in a Yorkshire secondary school who enjoys a comfortable life. She has two close friends, a beloved rescue dog, and a two bedroom semi-detached that she calls home in the northern English town of Uxton.

However, within a matter of days her professional and personal life are shattered by a series of strange events in her home.

What starts with the sound of papers fluttering to the floor quickly escalates to Jude discovering that someone has been in the house whilst she is sleeping. In the middle of the night a man appears to stand outside Jude’s house. He slips unnoticed into her home and begins his mission. His identity is unknown but his intent is to destroy Jude’s life.

As events unfold, Jude’s friends wonder if one of her pupils could be responsible due to his unhealthy interest in her or, perhaps, if Jude is suffering from PTSD due to a past trauma and imagining these strange events as she attempts to cope.

When Jude is driven out of her job and home, she is forced to discover whether she is being haunted, stalked by a pupil, or if the terrifying possibility could be true that she is losing her mind.