Living Green and the lake: a story about water resources conservation, cooperation and friendship

Do you want to make your child understand environmental conservation and teamwork in a fun way? When the planet Earth was newly born, all the plants and trees were able to walk, talk and have a happy life. One day, something unusual happened! The experienced drought and high temperatures, so trees and plants had to work as a team to save their lake. This book is part of the “Living Green” series, picture books for children that promote environmental awareness, teamwork and friendship.

Meet Florian Bushy

When Florian Bushy visited the ECO-92 – Earth Summit in June 1992, his environmentalist side flourished. Since then, he has written books, produced more than 100 short documentaries for schools and sorted his recycling to make a difference in this world. Florian Bushy wants to show to the kids that environmental protection, friendship and mutual respect can change the future of their home, called Earth.