Simon Webb leaves his high-flying City job and moves from London to Berlin to manage the wealth of a group of rich Russians. There he becomes entangled with a Cold War spy story that’s still having repercussions some thirty years on, with a group of right-wing computer hackers, and with the most beautiful woman he has ever met. Before long he is fleeing for his life.

Meet AJ Blake

After university, AJ Blake taught English in Paris for two years, travelled in South America for another year and then returned to London without any intention of settling down. Despite best intentions, there he stayed. Then he married, had children, divorced, married again and had more children. There, for more than thirty years, I worked as an investment banker, a management consultant and as a “civil servant”. It wasn’t nearly as boring as it might sound. Some of the work was actually totally absorbing. Some of it is still subject to the Official Secrets Act.

He retired from the City in 2010. He sold up in London (and Devon) and moved to Switzerland to live in an old wooden house with a glorious view over lake and mountain and to embrace postponed passions, among them hill walking, skiing and writing.

Blood, Fire and Ice

Blood, Fire & Ice - ASIN B00NH0LM52

BLOOD, FIRE AND ICE takes the reader into the realm of corporate terrorism. The global Association of Petroleum producers resorts to murder, sabotage and political bribery to prevent the development of an abundant new fuel source that threatens their existence.

Members of an international Arctic research team developing an abundant new fuel source are targeted. Labs are destroyed and members killed. Canadian team members have their funding cancelled at the request of 3 Senators who are on the payroll of “Big Oil”. Police ignore the researchers’ pleas for help when some are murdered. They are rescued in a joint FBI-CIA operation seeking to protect the new technology.

Surviving team members are moved to safety and recruited to complete their project jointly funded by Japan, Russia and an American scientific foundation. Sabotage continues with a seaborne attack on an offshore drilling platform off Japan and blocking attempts countering patent filings. The Japanese Government considers itself at war with the oil interests.

A blackmailing Canadian Senator is killed by “Big Oil” and his legacy of secrets are a ticking bomb waiting for discovery threatening both the Prime Minister of Canada and the oil association. The secrets eventually surface and all hell breaks loose.

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