The Penguin who found a magic box: A Picture book for kids about screen time, technology and balance

Hi, I am Pip the penguin and I found something truly MAGICAL today! It was hidden in my best friend Noah’s new home in Antarctica and It’s the MOST AMAZING thing I have ever seen! Wanna know what it is and what I did with it? Well, I won’t be spilling my secrets here – that would be silly. For that, you’ll have to come on the journey with me and read my book. I promise it’s worth it. So are you ready to join me and discover my SUPER DUPER AMAZING MAGIC BOX? GREAT! Then I’ll see you inside the book.

Meet Cove Books

The author, who refers to herself as “Just a mama who loves to write and draw”, is an animator turned full-time mom. She began her writing journey inspired by her child’s fascination with penguins. How long will this journey continue and where will it lead? Only time will tell :) As for why the funny profile picture? It was drawn by the author’s daughter when she was just five years old. The little girl was so thrilled with her creation that her mama decided to keep it as her profile picture forever. It’s a small reminder of the joy and creativity that children can bring into our lives. For any information or feedback, she can be reached at [email protected]

Mom & Dad Are Dinosaurs!

What happens when a snarky kid drags his no-tech parents kicking and screaming into the 21st century? He writes a book about it! This kid doesn’t mince words: “Forget Google and ChatGPT; Dad gets his questions answered by a Magic 8 Ball and his drunk uncle. Dad refuses to use GPS. He says, ‘Great, now I have two women telling me how to drive.’ Mom’s high-tech treadmill has a fitness app. She entered what she ate in one day and it sent an ambulance to our house. Neither of them understands our Smart TV’s remote. It can’t change channels but it shuts off our neighbor’s home dialysis machine.” Come on the uproarious ride as Mom and Dad declare war on: Online Shopping Email Zoom Calls Voice Mail Alexa Social Media Robot Vacuums Streaming Music Artificial Intelligence Smartphones Illustrated with hilarious photos and described in wisecracking detail, Mom & Dad Are Dinosaurs! will bring the funny to your whole family.

Meet Frank Mastropolo

Frank Mastropolo is a journalist, photographer, and former ABC News 20/20 writer and producer, winner of the Alfred I. DuPont–Columbia University silver baton and the Sigma Delta Chi award from the Society of Professional Journalists. His rock concert photography is licensed by Getty Images and featured in the Bill Graham Rock & Roll Revolution exhibition.

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey into the realm of artificial intelligence? Dive into the captivating pages of this book and unlock the secrets of AI’s rise, impact, and limitless potential. From its humble beginnings to its groundbreaking achievements, this book takes you on a thrilling exploration of the past, present, and future of AI. Discover how AI is revolutionizing industries, transforming work and society, and shaping the very fabric of our existence. But this isn’t just another technical book. It’s a captivating narrative that combines deep insights with real-life examples and interactive exercises. Delve into the ethical considerations of AI decision-making, learn how to navigate its challenges, and harness its power for the greater good. With this book as your guide, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools to thrive in an AI-driven world. Unleash the potential of AI and embrace the opportunities it offers for innovation, productivity, and personal growth.

Meet Aditya Jha

GET RICH WITH CHATGPT : A Comprehensive Guide To Earning Money With Artificial Intelligence Chatbot


In this book, Oliver R. Jacobs delves into the various ways in which ChatGPT can be utilized to generate income and explores the numerous benefits of leveraging this innovative technology.


The rise of ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has been nothing short of remarkable. This powerful tool lets users type natural-language prompts and offers conversational responses derived from vast volumes of information on the internet. While the bot may seem stilted at times, it remembers the thread of your dialogue, using previous questions and answers to inform its following responses. In fact, within days of its launch, more than a million people were trying out ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is an important breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence. While it’s not yet smart enough to replace human beings entirely, it’s remarkably knowledgeable in areas with access to good training data to learn from. Its ability to be creative and offer authoritative answers is a game-changer, and it will only get better from here.


  • Profitable blogs
  • Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaigns
  • Creating and Selling Digital Products
  • Social Media Content for Clients
  • Marketing Copy and Advertising Campaigns for Clients
  • Effective Lead Generation and ROAS, and more…

LEARN 150+ “ACT AS” Prompts for CHATGPT, such as:

  • Prompts for Content
  • E-Commerce
  • Programmers and Developers
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Resume
  • E-mail Campaigns and more……


CHATGPT is an advanced chatbot developed by OpenAI and officially launched in November 2022. This state-of-the-art technology is built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3 family of large language models and has undergone extensive
fine-tuning using both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques.
Upon its initial release, ChatGPT quickly gained widespread recognition for its ability to provide detailed responses and articulate answers across a vast range of topics.
ChatGPT has already become a big business. In January, Microsoft pledged to invest billions of dollars into OpenAI. A modified version of the technology behind ChatGPT is now powering Microsoft’s new Bing search engine, challenging Google’s dominance. This technology is also set to power Microsoft’s future efforts to build new AI co-pilot features into every aspect of our digital lives.
ChatGPT represents an exciting development in AI research and has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with computers. As the technology continues to evolve and improve, we’ll likely see more and more applications for AI chatbots in various areas of our lives.

The Twin Paradox

“The Twin Paradox is one of the best science thrillers to come along since Andy Weir’s The Martian.” Chris Weitz, Screenwriter, Rogue One

With ten years passing for every three minutes on a remote stretch of Texas coast, planes fall out of the sky, evolved species are on the hunt, and people die inside one of the most vicious ecosystems ever grown–all a result of the government’s efforts to slow down time.

A lot can happen in ten years. That’s the point. Governments are always racing for supremacy, for scientific breakthroughs, for technological advantages–and these things take time.

Until something goes wrong.

With the grounded yet massive world building of READY PLAYER ONE, thrilling scientific questions of JURASSIC PARK, and the time-bending teen drama of BEFORE I FALL, Wachter’s THE TWIN PARADOX is a brilliantly plotted tale that is both intimate and massive, relentless yet deliberate, and explores the themes of self-acceptance, self-confidence, and natural selection in a richly hued and unforgettable world. Ultimately the eternal question of Nature versus Nurture is boiled down into this fast-paced thriller told over the course of five days and culminates in one single question:

Do we get to choose who we are?

Meet Charles Wachter

Charles Wachter is an Emmy award-winning Executive Producer and author, having written and produced over thirty-five television series and films. He graduated from Yale University and has a master’s degree from NYU Graduate film.

Unicorn Farmhand

Unicorn Farmhand - ASIN B083RS5TPJ

A certain intelligent horse, Dok Saau, seeks to communicate with his owners by any means, and he began by writing his desires down. It attracted a lot of attention for this particular horse — some pleasant and some sour — but will he make it through whatever that will happen?

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Digital Girl


Jupiter is a 12-year-old nerd and hacker with mostly online friends. She hacks using the handle, White-Rabbit. Then one evening, comes a lightning storm to end all storms, a storm that zaps the computer, freeing computer-gnomes. The gnomes escape the computer and surround Jupiter where she sits at the study desk. Using magic, the gnomes turn her into a tiny, digital girl and shove her through the lens of the camera and into the monitor.

Now, Jupiter is lost inside the computer, in a digital world filled with dangers, a world that has a gateway to the internet where a digital girl could get duplicated and spread across the world-wide-web onto tablets, cellphones, videos, and well, cyberspace.

Oh, heavens, the technology to turn a human being into a digital being is valuable and everyone seems to want a piece of Jupiter, including hackers who use avatars from the Wizard of Oz!

How will she ever escape back to her world and become a real girl again?

Time is running out as Jupiter struggles to break free of her prison.

Digital Girl is a bit like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, only Wonderland is the computer.
Digital Girl is a bit like Through the Looking-Glass, only the Looking-Glass is the monitor.
A shrunken Jupiter falls down the camera hole rather than down the rabbit hole.

Forging the Nightmare: A Jarrod Hawkins Technothriller



Jarrod Hawkins is ushered into an underground facility, where a group of DARPA scientists use his body for biotechnological research. They use genetic editing, nanomachinery, neural rewriting, and next-generation armor to turn him into the most fearsome weapon on earth. But as they push the limits of human performance and lethality, the facility begins to experience unexpected power outages. There is evidence of sabotage, and the security team is plagued with sickening pranks. There is only one explanation—their creation has turned against them.

As the experiment nears its completion, Jarrod struggles to understand his new abilities. His memories have been shattered, but his instincts scream at him to escape at any cost. On the outside, he has become a machine of war, but inside, the remnant of his former self fights for control. As a team of surgeons prepare for a final operation, Jarrod must make a choice: Will he let them take control of his mind, or will he use his enhancements to break free? Will he become a perfect soldier, or the most fearsome vigilante the world has ever known?

Prepare for Your Future Career: While Living with Artificial Intelligence


Are you questioning where the job will be in the future?

Since artificial intelligence is here, which is not only to stay but also to grow and penetrate even deeper into many crucial aspects of society, its impact is only just about to expand. As many people fear, one area that is so likely to be affected is the job market. Indeed, AIs are continually becoming more capable, and their greatest perk is undoubtedly their ability to solve more and more problems every year. On the flipside, it is this growing ability that makes most people concerned that AIs might ultimately come after their jobs.

Purchase this book and prepare?

Developed countries are bound to take certain measures to ensure a smooth transition in many fields that artificial intelligence can affect. Therefore, there is no cause for mass panic, of course. Still, it’s up to each and every one of us to educate ourselves about the coming changes and analyze our personal situations carefully. Preferably, we should all take steps to at least increase our chances of security if not find ways to benefit from the innovations. It is the goal of this book to help you do these things, figure out if you are at any sort of risk, and prepare yourself for the future. The chances are good that you will find that the coming changes are not only perfectly survivable but that they will also open up a plethora of new opportunities for you and especially your children.

You can get this book for only $0.99!