Everlasting Charli: Illustrated

“Does true love actually exist?” Charli Page loves her life as a waitress amongst the misfits in the jiggery-jaggery, poetry-laced fish restaurant. But when a mysterious, old pirate returns to town, all of their lives are turned upside down.

Meet Clare-Rose Trevelyan

Philosophy has been a passion of mine since a young age. My focus over the past twenty years of working in schools, external literacy programs and theatre has been to awaken the philosopher inside the minds of children to get them thinking about how they are thinking and wondering about why they are wondering by enchanting them with vivid stories, complex creatures, twinkling soundtracks and most importantly, questions.

The Daylight

Tommy inherited a broken legacy. His great-grandfather was to blame for the derailing of a train–The Daylight–which took over one hundred lives. But, Tommy doesn’t believe this infamy is the whole story, and he has made it his goal to solve the mystery. But, how far will he go in the past, and what will he lose to find the truth?

Meet Kristofor Hellmeister

Kristofor Hellmeister is an alien—a legal alien who was born in Canada and now lives near Atlanta, Georgia. He lives with his wife, Kristie, and son Maddox. He enjoys hiking, running, playing golf, watching the New England Patriots, and playing Halo on Legendary. He enjoys reading science fiction, fantasy, the occasional romance, military thrillers, and historical fiction. He is a graduate of the Institute of Children’s Literature and has been writing since he was six.