The Epic of Glenda Mesh

The infamous Glenda Mesh will not be a monster any more, even if it kills her. Together with her ex-rival, Enkidu, she will take on a hero’s quest to save herself, her legacy, and her city.

Meet Christopher Fryer

Christopher Fryer is a teacher and busy father living with his wife in California.

A Juvenile Country

Shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union, Lev arrives at the pioneer summer camp, where he’s instantly dragged into an illegal booze-smuggling operation. He finds himself part of the camp elite and meets Nik, the arrogant and ill-tempered gang leader. Against his will, Lev falls desperately in love with the boy who seems to hate him. “A Juvenile Country” is a tender, coming-of-age queer story about the unthinkable romance in chaotic post-soviet Ukraine. A tale of the first generation to grow up after the fall of the regime, learning to survive in the obscure reality of a newborn country. It’s a peek into the life of a pioneer camp, with its head-spinning freedom of the strictly-regulated days of the Shift.

Meet Jane Palash

Jane is a Ukraine-born writer living in Toronto. She’s a tech enthusiast and an LGBTQ-rights activist.

The Girl who Dared To Love

“But this time, his smile didn’t charm me. For the first time ever, he didn’t make my heart flutter. It took me four long years to realise that he wasn’t the one…” Aasma, an under-confident 17-year old Delhi girl, develops an immediate infatuation for Ishaan but is left saddened when he unexpectedly withdraws his admission and leaves the college forever. While trying to adjust to her new college life, she develops a close friendship with Dheeraj only to fall in love with him. However, their relationship starts going downhill when Dheeraj’s over-loving nature starts making her feel suffocated. Not being able to take it anymore, Aasma breaks up with Dheeraj. Dheeraj, on learning about his father’s sudden death, decides to drop out of the college to take care of the family business and to be closer to his mother back in Lucknow. Aasma’s life takes a huge turn with the return of Ishaan who she instantly falls in love with. However, her life comes crashing down when Ishaan abruptly ghosts her after the first date. Her self-esteem takes another hit as she tries to seek the closure that she never got. How will Aasma rise through the ashes and rediscover herself? Read on to learn more about her journey of self-discovery.

Meet Richi Mittal

Richi is a full-time content writer & blogger who grew up in the modest township of Bhiwadi. Having done her graduation from DCAC (Delhi University) and MBA from LBSIM (Delhi), she aims to make a strong impact on the minds of people through her writing. She also loves travelling and listening people share their life stories.

Season of Speed


Can he help her win it all? Samantha knows she has the talent to make her racing dreams become a reality. But competing for the Formula One world championship demands everything the seventeen year old has to give and more. The pressure brings out the demon that chases her on the racetrack. The demon Samantha created after she did something stupid behind the wheel. A demon she can’t defeat alone.

Manny told the girl she was being considered for his family’s racing team. But it was a mistake. He tries to fix it, but that girl shows up and causes a scene. Even shoves him out of the team’s trailer. But you know, what? Samantha isn’t that bad. Manny admires her confidence and tenacity. And her hair smells nice too. Like a fresh set of tires.

As Samantha fights for wins on the track, the two become best friends. But Manny realizes his feelings for her run deeper than that. If he opened up to her, would Samantha reveal the same feelings for him?

To become world champion Samantha must take on Spa, a racetrack nestled in the lush Belgian forest known as the Ardennes. As her car pushes two hundred and thirty miles per hour, Samantha must fight the men in front of her, the skies above her, and the demon inside her.

Everyone agrees that Samantha is strong enough to start this race, but is Manny strong enough to help her finish it?

Season of Speed is the first book in a young adult racing romance series that features well developed characters, an amazing plot, and a strong heroine with spunk. If you like a character-based novel full of action with a sweet and believable relationship, then you’ll love the first installment in Doug Solter’s totally original series.

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Author’s Note: Season of Speed is an updated version of Skid, my original title for this novel that was first published in 2012.

“Doug Solter is a wonderful writer and I really recommend this book to parents looking for appealing stories for their children that don’t involve vampires.”
Nancy Bilyeau, historical fiction author of The Crown series and The Blue.