Shattered Souls

Blaine thought being a hero meant saving lives, having bards write songs about his great deeds, and resting easy at night knowing he had made the world a better place. Not being chased across the continent by a monster from another world. A monster he watched crawl out of a portal in his dreams. With the Shard hunting him and his friends, Blaine must go searching for answers on how to defeat the creature. Will Blaine and his friends prevail, or will the Shard continue its rampage? Shattered Souls is the action-packed introduction to a YA epic fantasy trilogy featuring tropes such as the chosen ones, found family, hidden truths, and unique magical creatures.

Meet Emily Huffman

Emily Huffman is the author of The Shattered Trilogy, an epic fantasy series releasing beginning in March 2022. Before becoming an author, she worked in fraud—but now she leaves stopping the bad guys to her characters. If she’s not writing, you might find her cosplaying at various conventions, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or playing video games/board games! Learn more and visit her website at