One Two Sheep

If you were given the chance to go back in time… would you? After losing both of her parents, 21-year-old Hedwig finds herself cast adrift in their pre-marriage era. As she navigates her new reality, Hedwig wrestles with uncertainty. Will her presence preserve the course of history? Or will it create ripples in the timeline, reshaping the future for her parents, and inevitably, herself?

Meet Sabina Green

Sabina Green is the author of Less Than Little Time and The Hardest Thing to Keep, the first two books of the Between Worlds series, and One Two Sheep, a time travel standalone. She is an environmentalist and this passion is woven into her novels. When not writing, she can be found haunting local bookstores, taking bushwalks, and chasing other people’s dogs for cuddles. She grew up in Prague, Czechia and now lives in Perth, Western Australia with her son.

Jane Austen’s Totally Unexpected New York Adventure

In “Jane Austen’s Totally Unexpected NY Adventure,” follow beloved author Jane Austen on a captivating journey through time. When three time travelers offer her a chance to find a cure for her illness in 2061, Jane eagerly accepts. Guided by these enigmatic companions, she explores the marvels of future New York City and even witnesses Halley’s Comet.

During all this, Jane finds herself drawn to Frederick, one of the time travelers, in a brief but impossible romance. Their connection inspires Jane, fueling her with newfound passion and determination to complete her final novel, “Persuasion.”

She draws upon her own experiences and emotions, infusing the pages of “Persuasion” with a depth and authenticity that would make it one of her most enduring works.

However, the constraints of time and destiny threaten to separate Jane and Frederick. They soon realize their love cannot defy the boundaries of time. Yet, the impact of their fleeting romance reverberates through Jane’s words, giving “Persuasion” a profound and heartfelt resonance that echoes through the ages.

In “Jane Austen’s Totally Unexpected NY Adventure,” a tale of time travel, hope, healing, and the power of love unfolds, showcasing the indomitable spirit of Jane Austen. Join her on this strange journey, where love, inspiration, and literary brilliance intertwine, leaving an everlasting mark on her timeless legacy.

Meet Robin Robby

Allo, I’m a writer/filmmaker who loves readers and fellow writers. I’m that RARE author who writes stand-alone novels only, at least for now.

Jane Austen’s Totally Unexpected New York Adventure

This novelette is a best-selling time-travel fantasy. IMAGINE Jane Austen brought to 2061, the year of Halley’s Comet return. Her well-meaning time-travelers urge Jane to visit a New York doctor who can prolong her life. This way Jane can continue to write more novels. Well, that’s the plan, anyway. Can Jane survive the visual assault of modern-day architecture?

Meet Rob Santana

I’m a novelist/filmmaker who enjoys talking to readers and writers. I’ve published four novels and my films have been screened at several festivals. But my first love is writing novels.

Black Magic Woman

There’s a voodoo woman in New Orleans who knows your darkest secrets

French Quarter paranormal investigator Wyatt Thomas learns he’s permanently linked to the spirit of a man with whom he’d fought a duel during another lifetime. The only person who can free Wyatt from his curse is long-dead voodoo queen Marie Laveaux. To seek her help, he must travel back to Antebellum New Orleans, succeed in his endeavor, or be trapped in the past forever. When Wyatt meets his former lover at the Mulatto Ball, he doesn’t know if he wants to return.

While Wyatt is time traveling, detective Tony Nicosia and U.S. Attorney Eddie Toledo are working for mob boss Frankie Castellano to try and retrieve a stolen cornet given to him by jazz legend Louis Armstrong. Their failure could result in having their throats cut and bodies thrown in the bayou for the gators to eat.

If you love New Orleans and Louisiana history, don’t miss Black Magic Woman. Visit the French Quarter tonight. You might decide to stay awhile.

Meet Eric Wilder

Eric Wilder is an American author known for his gripping mystery novels set in New Orleans. He was born and raised in Louisiana, where he discovered his love for storytelling at a young age. After completing his education, Wilder spent several years in the oil and gas industry before pursuing a career as a writer.
Wilder’s breakthrough came with the publication of Big Easy, which introduced readers to his signature blend of suspense, action, and local color. The book instantly succeeded, drawing critical acclaim and a devoted following. Wilder followed up with a collection of thrillers set in the heart of New Orleans.
Wilder’s writing is characterized by his deep knowledge of the city and its unique culture and his skillful use of suspense and plot twists to keep readers on the edge of their seats. His books have been praised for their authenticity, vivid descriptions, and compelling characters.
Today, Eric Wilder is a respected author with a loyal fan base and a reputation for delivering top-notch thrillers that transport readers to the heart of New Orleans.
Wilder is the author of nineteen novels, several cookbooks, many short stories, and Murder Etouffee, a book that defies classification. His series features characters who often find themselves involved in the paranormal.
Eric Wilder lives in Oklahoma near historic Route 66 with his wife, Marilyn, a gorgeous pit bull named Moebius, and two remarkable cats, Buttercup and Blanco.

The Chronicle Gate: vol. 1 Ethereal

A kid discovers adventure and magic on a new planet!

What if you ended up on a planet. . .and had no idea how you got there?

The Elouse are creatures who live on the planet Ethereal. When they find a human child lost and alone, they take him in and care for him. Sinya, the human child, struggles to remember anything about how he got to Ethereal. As Jasper, the Elousen father, searches for answers, Sinya’s new mother Ellen and her daughters Taylinn and Avigale help him adjust to life on their planet.
Taylinn’s dad is going on a secret mission aboard a space ship. Taylinn overhears that the mission is really “to save his family from him?” Could he mean Sinya? Sinya starts seeing Mer-Dragons, a made-up tale told to him by Avigale and Taylinn but this Mer-Dragon talks to a being known as “Malic,” one that means danger for Jasper and the family. But no one will believe Sinya when he tried to warn them of the danger. When Taylinn finally sees the truth of the danger for herself, she tries to alert her friends, but just like Sinya, no one will believe her, including her mother. Now in order for Sinya to get back home, these unlikely pair must team up to save Jasper, and his family from the coming danger of Mer-Dragons!

(note: re-edit 2022)

Meet N. Lang

I’ve been studying writing for a while now. Ever since I was eighteen, I’d found writing books to read and mark and later got into writing workshops and into a good writers’ group that helped me edit my prose. Now I have six books published and editing my fifth book in The Chronicle Gate series” and a duo novel. “The Lost Angels” When I’m not writing or editing, I’m working or at the movies or watching Netflex or Disney +

Impossible Journey: A Tale of Times and Truth

2025 scientists plan to time-travel to Eden to warn Adam and Eve and thus prevent the fall, putting an end to all evil and disease in the world. But they can only travel 200 years, more or less, at a time. Having gained the needed financial support from wealthy financier, Mark Lewis, the scientists manage to build the first time machine in which three of them take off on their imposing mission. They visit six different historical time periods including: *The California Gold Rush of 1849 *Colonial Philadelphia of 1775 *The Renaissance *Legendary Camelot Each historical time period they visit points in some way to the true answer they are seeking. But they ignore the obvious and go on blindly with their mission. At one point, they are pulled forward unexpectedly to their future where robots serve and are forced to fight in a senseless war (WWIII). Will they escape? And will they ever come to learn the true answer to the problem of sin and evil in the world?

Meet James M. Becher

Reader’s favorite award winner James M. Becher uses fiction to help readers find true fulfilment through faith.

The Forgotten Treasure

Who wouldn’t love to experience a real-life pirate adventure?

When Mattie and his friend Peter find themselves magically transported to the 1880s, treasure is the last thing they expect to find — until they meet Ben. Ben’s uncle helped pirates bury a stolen treasure before he mysteriously disappeared. Ben enlists Mattie and Peter’s help to find the treasure and learn what became of his uncle.

But the boys aren’t the only ones seeking the treasure. A ruthless pirate is also after it.

That pirate believes Ben has information leading to the treasure’s whereabouts. A journal left behind by Ben’s uncle may provide a clue to its location.

Will Mattie and Ben solve the riddle and locate the treasure before the pirates?

Legend of the Storm Sneezer

Legend Seeker. Part-time Ghost Hunter. Time Traveler.

Thirteen-year-old Rose Skylar sneezed a magical storm cloud at birth, and it’s followed her around ever since. But when Stormy causes too many disasters, Rose is taken to Heartstone Asylum, a place for kids with unstable magic. Its location? A legendary forest where ghosts roam and the trees have mysteriously turned to stone.

Guided by time traveling letters, Rose teams up with her future selves and her possibly imaginary but definitely magical best friend, Marek, to save her storm cloud and solve the mystery of the specters and the stone trees.

But will they find what killed the ghosts before what killed the ghosts finds them?

Kristiana Sfirlea ignites imaginations in this award-winning middle grade novel that inspires readers to face their fears with laughter, bravery, and the power of unconditional love.

Meet Kristiana Sfirlea

Kristiana Sfirlea is the author of spooky fantasy books for kids and teens. Cute, quirky, creepy goodness are her trademarks!


Prepare to be transported to the furthest reaches of the cosmos in Atlandier, the electrifying sequel to the gripping Dalian One. In this heart-pounding installment, author Jake Allen Coleman propels readers into the heart of an interstellar conflict where humanity’s very survival hangs in the balance. As the conflict with Earth escalates to a fever pitch, the NEST Combine has made a momentous decision: to go on the offensive. With the indomitable Nathalie Bryn and the steadfast Carter Daveth at her helm, the formidable starship Atlandier spearheads humanity’s counterattack. It’s a bold move that risks everything, but the stakes have never been higher.

Meet Jake Allen Coleman

Jake Allen Coleman is a Fantasy and Science Fiction author born and raised in Southern California, eventually pursuing a degree in Physics from the University of California and migrating to the middle of the country to Texas. He now calls Colorado Springs home, along with his wife, two daughters and son. One of Jake’s earliest literary memories is of Frodo and Sam outside the gate at Bree. The wall was bigger, the night darker, and the thunder louder, but reading J.R.R. Tolkien sparked a lifetime love of reading fantasy that later expanded to include science fiction.

The Fifth Cycle

The year is 2084. The world as we know it has changed. The ruling elite have managed to orchestrate world events in order to achieve their ultimate goal – world domination. David Blake is a man out of time, both literally and figuratively. He’s thrust into a world where he is forced to confront his perception of reality. In doing so he must make a choice between the woman he loves and his family. Either choice will decide his fate and possibly the future of mankind.

Meet Tobor Eichmann

Tobor Eichmann was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in a middle-class suburb of Philadelphia and has lived in various places throughout the world. He is an author and self-proclaimed independent thinker. He writes fiction, non-fiction and general interest books. He has a passion for writing about social issues that relate to the inner workings of the human mind. He holds a Masters degree in Information Technology. It was in Europe where Tobor began creating works of fiction and non-fiction in his spare time.