Little Girls Love Big

This Valentine’s Day, show your loved ones how much you care! Join Hannah Banana and Mary Berry on a heartwarming adventure that teaches little ones how to show their family and friends they care without breaking the bank. Hannah makes a card for her cousin, gives a kiss to Dad, has a long conversation with Grandma on the phone, and more. Mary is watching and learning from her big sister and decides to do something special for Hannah! Get your copy of this uplifting story that will inspire creativity in everyone!

Meet Amy Doslich

I’m so glad that you have found my website. I am a mother of 2 beautiful girls named Hannah and Mary. Hannah is currently 5 years old and Mary is close to being 2. You will also see an adorable white Pomeranian featured in my books who is named Snowball. I think of him as my first child.

Tales: Two Wheels, One Heart, Pirate Paradise, Be the Change

Welcome to the second illustrated book in the “Happy Way” series. This book features the following stories: “Two Wheels, One Heart” introduces you to Lucas and Mia and how Lucas’s father empowers them with help and care. In “Pirate Paradise,” you’ll uncover how Oliver and Kiara surprise Oliver’s parents. “Be The Change” showcases Jack and Allison as they set an excellent example for all. The final chapter is dedicated to “Fun and Learning,” a special gift for your child that awaits discovery within. These tales aim to cultivate integrity in your child, emphasizing the importance of honesty and doing the right thing, even when challenging.

Meet Melanie Mannerly

Meet Mannerly Melanie, the fantastic storyteller! She’s like a master of stories that grab kids’ hearts and minds. Melanie knows all about little kids because she has a preschool education degree and worked with them in a nursery. She’s got this unique talent for understanding the funny and imaginative things kids do. Melanie’s stories are a mix of funny stuff and important lessons. It’s like a rollercoaster ride of laughter and learning!

Hannah Banana and the Addition of Mary Berry

The story of adding a new baby to the family told from a toddler’s perspective. The perfect gift to give a toddler when their mom is about to have another baby! It starts with the mom having a baby in her tummy and ends with the sisters spending time together. Hopefully your toddler will be an even better super sister/brother that will help with the dirty diapers! I realize everyone’s journey of having and raising a baby is different because every baby is different. This book is based on my own personal journey of having two girls. I hope this book will allow for an engaging discussion with your toddler about what it’s like adding a baby to the family even if your journey is a little different.

Meet Amy Doslich

I am so glad to become a writer and illustrator. It has been a very fun process. I live in Southlake, TX with my husband, my 5 year old daughter (Hannah), my 1 year old daughter (Mary), and my 13lb Pomeranian (Snowball). I also work as a retirement actuary, so as you can imagine I have quite a bit going on! However, I hope to add more books soon about my two wonderful daughters that hopefully your children can relate to as well.