The Shadow’s Dragon

A cozy tavern on the edge of the empire holds a deadly secret. When Treylen’s mentor died, and his bonded dragon failed to grow like the others, he feared he’d be stuck forever at the mountain abbey where the queen’s assassins train. Fate has other plans for him. A message arrives ordering him and his dragon, Rime, on a dangerous mission to kill the glyph scribe who is enchanting weapons for the enemy army. Infiltrating the enemy city requires a mastery of disguise, deception, and interrogation. Treylen must learn these skills quickly from his new spymaster if he hopes to locate his target. But the comforts of the Dragon’s Hide Inn make it a favorite watering hole of enemy rangers and a deadly training ground. All his training may not be enough to stop the wizard intent on destroying everything Treylen cares about. The Dragon’s Hide is the start of an exciting new fantasy series!

Meet Dustin Porta and D.K. Holmberg

Dustin Porta is a writer, editor and artist. Born in rural Pennsylvania, he landed on the Gulf Coast when his boat broke down in Fairhope Alabama. There he lived in a marina and sold art from Pensacola to New Orleans, while writing science fiction and poetry. After that he lived in the Florida Keys and wrote nautical fantasy. Now he’s in the snowy north and the writing has never been better.

SpeakDog!: 100% Obedience, 100% of the Time


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If, when you train your dog, you want to establish the best possible relationship you can with your dog—to actually be able to understand and speak its language, it only makes sense that you likewise understand the man behind the SpeakDog training philosophy, and in a sense, begin that relationship, too—and in “How I Learned to SpeakDog”, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Part memoir, part vital and important introduction to the “Seven Sacred Ways”, and to the baseline principles of SpeakDog, readers can expect an insightful, honest, entertaining and fun look into author/trainer Steve Lankfer’s life and the experiences that helped him form and perfect the SpeakDog philosophy.

As this easy to digest 128-page book progresses, readers will gradually begin to attach important meaning to phrases like, “Love~Leadership~Relationship”,”Time and Events”, “Migrating is Magic”, “Doorways are the Difference”, “What’s yours is Mine. Period”, and “neurological placement”, along with all the other invaluable concepts at the root of SpeakDog.

You’ll also gain access to free online video links, training tips, and other features of the expansive SpeakDog program, including the wildly successful online community Steve’s Dog Park.

Dogs will never understand Chinese, or German, or Spanish…or English. Or any other human language. Because of that fact, it’s our job to understand their language so we can be the leaders our dogs crave and need. You’ll be amazed at the response you’ll get from your dog and the satisfaction you’ll feel when you realize you’ve become not just your dog’s “best friend” but the leader your dog desperately needed.

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