The Sun God’s Heir Return: Rent

17th-century seagoing adventure. Romance and revenge.

After mortally wounding a nobleman’s son, a young French swordmaster is drugged and taken from Bordeaux aboard an English slave ship. As he gathers allies to return home he is joined by the fiery daughter of a Moroccan sheik whose sword skills rival his. Travel with them to Spain, and Morocco, through fire, pirates, and assassins to the conclusion of this award-winning epic adventure.

Rapier sharp pulse pounding action across the warp and weave of the seventeenth century. Sailing ships, pirates, and past lives contend in this first book of an award-winning trilogy.

Read The Sun God’s Heir: Return (Book One) and set sail into a time where love and life were precious and easily taken away. Where the distance to one’s enemies was measured by the length of a rapier’s blade.

Alexandre Dumas meets Horatio Hornblower and The Mummy in this sweeping, swashbuckling tale. ̶ Kirkus Reviews

The Sun God’s Heir: Return, is an epic story, taking you into a time where actions and words ripple from the past into the present and then invade the future. A truly remarkable story. ̶ Readers Favorite

In this epic fantasy, THE SUN GOD’S HEIR by Elliott Baker, readers are offered a unique and compelling story line. Baker’s vivid descriptions and well-drawn characters seem to shimmer with life. ̶ Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

Meet Elliott Baker

Cruising from Boston to Montreal (Bargain Book)

Discover historic wonders and modern delights guaranteed to enlarge your heart and expand your understanding of Canada and its people.

Veteran travelers Al and Sunny Lockwood share their adventures and misadventures on this scintillating cruise of exploration.

Join them for an unforgettable journey through part of the largest country in the Western Hemisphere.

In “Cruising from Boston to Montreal” readers will:

– attend a rousing baseball game at Boston’s Fenway Park

– Learn Alexander Graham Bell’s involvement with Canada’s first airplane flight.

– Visit the Prince Edward Island farm that was the setting for the Anne of Green Gables books.

– Discover how lobster graduated from barnyard feed to gourmet fare.

– Sail Canada’s greatest waterway, the mighty Saint Lawrence River.

– View breath-taking cathedrals and romantic lighthouses.

– Discover Halifax’s heart-breaking connection with the Titanic tragedy.

– and much more.

This travel memoir will introduce you to the fascinating heroes, stunning beauty and staggering tragedies that have helped shape Canada’s Maritimes, Quebec City, and Montreal.

The first-person descriptions read with the drama of fiction and the excitement of journal writing….” – Midwest Book Review

Meet Al & Sunny Lockwood

Al and Sunny Lockwood have traveled by foot, car, rail, air and cruise ship. They’ve camped in national parks, hiked mountain trails, photographed springtime flowers in Death Valley and wintry surf along the rugged beaches of Northern California.

They’ve watched July 4th fireworks over Lake Tahoe, explored the Taos Pueblo and ridden the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad through forests ablaze with autumn colors.

They’ve ridden Scotland’s amazing Falkirk Wheel, Norway’s Flam Railway, and Ushuaia’s train at the end of the world.

They’ve photographed Gibraltar’s Barbary apes and Gentoo Penguins frolicking in the surf on Falkland Island beaches.

From North Carolina’s Outer Banks to New Orleans’ Bourbon Street and Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry, Al and Sunny love to wander and wonder and enjoy.

Everywhere they go, they capture unforgettable moments with their cameras and notebooks, moments to share with their readers. Their work has been published in magazines and newspapers. It has been recognized with awards from the National Federation of Press Women, the California Newspaper Publishers Association, the Wishing Shelf Book Awards, Seven Sisters Book Awards, and The Independent Author Network Book Awards.

“We write to encourage others to travel, to take a break from their ordinary routine and discover the many rewards of traveling with your eyes wide open,” Sunny said. “Go somewhere new, even if it’s only in the next county. And have fun exploring the sites, the sounds and flavors of the place. You’ll be amazed at how much fun you’ll have.”

Al added, “We also write to share the wonder of our own travels. To help you feel what it’s like to be on a cruise ship, or wandering the back alleys of Venice, Italy. We hope our books give readers a real sense of our travel adventures.”

Cruising the Mediterranean

A shared passion for exploration. The Mediterranean trip of their dreams.
There’s no better time for adventure than right now.

Enthusiastic explorers Al and Sunny Lockwood treasure the challenge and excitement of travel. From train rides through the Smokies to campouts in Yellowstone, they’ve documented their travel adventures to critical acclaim. With retirement, they expand their horizons and ship off for a new adventure in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Come along with Al and Sunny as they experience the dazzling beauty of the Greek Isles, the mouthwatering delights of Italian cuisine, the unique calls to prayer chanted from Istanbul’s minarets.

You’ll hold your breath riding the sky-high Acropolis lift, marvel at the lacework canals of Venice, and lose yourself in the rich wares and aromas of the Grand Bazaar.

Their daily excursions will expand your mind and deepen your understanding as you find yourself immersed in the Mediterranean’s vibrant array of cultures and history.

In Cruising the Mediterranean you’ll discover:
– Personal reflections, insights and humor
– Intriguing facts about Mediterranean history, landmarks and cultures
– Tips for pacing your daily outings to conserve energy and maintain interest
– Ways to adopt an adventuresome spirit so that obstacles or disappointments
don’t ruin your pleasure
– The emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual benefits of travel and much,
much more!

Cruising the Mediterranean is a breathtaking travelogue for explorers who refuse to let
aging limit their adventures.

If you like warm personal stories, cultural journeys, and actionable tips for planning your own cruise adventure, then you’ll love Al and Sunny Lockwood’s inspirational memoir capturing the heart of the Mediterranean.

Buy Cruising the Mediterranean today and join them on a timeless, unforgettable journey!

Meet Al & Sunny Lockwood

Al and Sunny Lockwood met after he’d retired from engineering and she’d retired from daily newspaper reporting. They spent much of their time exploring California, Al with his camera and Sunny with her notebook and pen. But a serious car wreck changed their lives.

In 2012, while they waited at a red light, a driver paying more attention to her phone than her driving, slammed into them at 60 miles per hour. The collision totaled both cars and filled the Lockwood’s summer with doctor appointments, pharmacy visits, and endless wrangling with insurance companies.

The wreck also woke them up to the reality that life is fragile and there’s no guarantee you’ll have it for long. “We decided to stop putting off our travel dreams for some day in the future,” Sunny says. “We’ve made ‘someday’ today.”

Their first dream cruise was through the Panama Canal.

Next, Al and Sunny visited Amsterdam and cruised the Mediterranean, stopping at Venice, Athens, Istanbul, Ephesus, and various Greek islands.

Together Al and Sunny have visited more than 30 countries.

“We write to encourage people to make their travel dreams come true,” Sunny says. “We want our readers to know that travel enhances health and enriches life. So step out of your everyday routine and take a chance on adventure and fun.”

The Way of the Shoestring Outdoor Photographer

This is a travel book with much, much more than just travel in it: the outdoor life, geography and history, ethnic conflict and racism, international relations and political power, family hopes and expectations, psychology and mental health; it even has a ghost story – or perhaps two – hidden away within it. What The Way of the Outdoor Photographer doesn’t provide is detailed information on the low-budget photographic hardware that a shoestring outdoor photographer may need for his or her hobby or way of life; this is not a technical treatise but rather a first-hand account of the experiences of one particular low-budget outdoor photographer: me. It also does not offer guidebook-type information on the locations where the story takes place, although like all the accounts in the True Tales of a Traveller series, it does provide sufficiently detailed information on the places concerned for the stories to not only make sense but also to be appreciated, enjoyed, and perhaps even re-read by those readers wishing to deepen their understanding of a particular place. Some of this location-specific information is peculiar to the time the events related took place, but most remains relevant at the time of publication.

Meet Alix Lee

I am a Taiwan national, born and bred in the UK.

Let’s Travel Baby! How to Travel Internationally on a Budget for the New or Seasoned Traveler

Are you itching to explore the world but convinced it’s beyond your budget, too daunting, or simply too perplexing to begin? If you’ve ever scrolled through envy-inducing Instagram or TikTok posts of influencers lounging in Thailand’s crystal-clear waters or sipping hot chocolate in Paris with impeccable timing, you’re not alone. The infamous “tiny cup and camera-ready smile” moment has given us all a case of international FOMO. We’ve all wondered, “Will it ever be my turn?” Whether spurred by social media, nostalgia, or a friend’s captivating tales of backpacking through Europe, we’ve all yearned to travel at some point. Despite the illusion of social media, many believe that travel is reserved for the affluent or those with endless hours to spare on lengthy transatlantic flights. Here’s the fantastic news—traveling has never been more accessible and affordable than it is now, and I’m here to guide the way. Drawing on my experiences, insights, and research, this book serves as your compass to navigate the financial, emotional, and mental aspects of global travel. Just five years ago, I was a cash-strapped 20-year-old college student dreaming of exploring the world. Today, I’ve visited 20 countries across five continents. Along the way, I made my fair share of rookie mistakes, but now, you can skip those missteps and embark on your journey faster. “Let’s Travel, Baby!” aims to get you exploring the world swiftly, inexpensively, safely, and efficiently. My first solo trip to Jamaica cost me only $500, including my airfare—no credit card debt or missed car payments. I’ve savored Belgian chocolate waffles in Brussels, soaked up the sun in Thailand’s Phi Phi Islands, and pedaled through the streets of London. It’s my job to show you how to turn these experiences into your reality. Bid farewell to student loans and wave goodbye to entry-level salaries; this book is your ticket. Your dreams are on the brink of becoming a reality, and with this guide, they’re closer than ever. Whether you’re a first-time traveler or a seasoned globetrotter seeking money-saving tips and efficiency hacks, I’m thrilled you’re here. You’ve got this, baby! Now, let’s travel.

Meet Catie the Traveler

Having been to over 20 countries in under five years, I learned a lot about traveling. I would get tons of questions on my social media asking how I was able to travel so frequently, so this led me to writing travel books to help someone like yourself travel the world.

Timeless Treasures Through European Beadscapes

Embark on an enchanting expedition across Europe, but not through its grand castles or iconic landmarks. Instead, delve deep into the history hidden within its beads. “Timeless Treasures – A Voyage through European Beadscapes” takes you on a kaleidoscopic adventure, tracing humanity’s journey through intricate patterns and shimmering strings. From the bead-adorned royalty to the village artisan, discover how these tiny wonders have threaded together tales of ambition, art, and allure. Ready to see Europe in a bead’s-eye view? Europe’s legacy, one bead at a time: Relive history. Revel in artistry. Rediscover treasures.

Meet John and Pamela Elcik

Meet Pam Elcik, the woman who has her cake, eats it, then turns the leftover crumbs into a fabulous craft project. And then blogs about it. She’s the living embodiment of “If you want something done, ask a busy person.” Wife to a very patient man and mother to two adults (who she still insists are her “babies”), Pam runs a tight ship at home. Her kids thrived under her watchful gaze, mostly because they knew they couldn’t get away with anything. But let’s rewind a bit. During her kids’ school days, Pam was a presence so constant that the wallpaper got jealous. In fact, she volunteered so much that the principal finally said, “Look Pam, you’re practically working here. Let’s just make it official.” And so, our craft queen added “part-time teacher” to her ever-expanding resume. And before you ask, no, she wasn’t a helicopter parent – she was more like that cool breeze that everyone enjoys on a hot day. Known far and wide as the ‘Princess of Crafts,’ Pam’s website of the same moniker is a haven for creatives, hobbyists, and the perennially bored. And if you’ve met Jessie on there, don’t be alarmed. That’s just Pam’s craft-hoarding alter ego who believes in the “Buy Now, Craft Later… Or Maybe Never” philosophy. Because, let’s face it, crafting supplies are just grown-up toys. And Jessie has a LOT of toys. But Pam’s talents aren’t limited to just glue guns and glitter. Remember the days you received those quirky “from Mommy’s Tummy” greeting cards? Yep, that was her brainchild. Born out of the love for greeting cards and her unborn child’s uncanny ability to write thank-you notes, Pam’s innovative greetings took the world by storm. Babies everywhere owe her a nod of gratitude for giving them a voice before they could even babble. For the fashion aficionados, Pam’s online boutique is nothing short of a treasure trove. From shimmering beaded necklaces to DIY kits for the crafty divas, her store is where fashion meets art with a hint of European flair. Particularly, her obsession with European large-hole beads and Betsey Johnson pendants isn’t just a business venture—it’s a full-blown love affair. And if you’re into self-expression that comes with a side of sparkle, her mantra says it all: “Buy awesome, be awesome.™” In her downtime (haha, as if she has any), Pam penned “Timeless Treasures – A Voyage through European Beadscapes” with the fervor of a bead-obsessed explorer, a must-have for anyone wanting to traverse the vast and intricate landscapes of beaded jewelry. In short, Pam is a crafting goddess, a business maven, a greeting card virtuoso, and a fashionista. And if you’re ever in need of advice, crafty or otherwise, you know where to find her. Probably in her craft room, buried under a pile of beads and love. Now, go on, dive into this book! Pam (and Jessie) are waiting.

Paradise Cove

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be LGBTQ or a SCUBA diver to enjoy this story. It’s a fictional suspense story about a group of friends trying to make a difference in a conservative Caribbean island nation with a romantic subplot. Some of you may have even lived parts of this story. I am a new author, but I am not inexperienced. Please check it out.

Meet Gary Fitzgerald

Gary Fitzgerald has lived in the four corners of the United States and many places in-between, but the majority of his time was spent in Texas and 5 other states in the southern U.S. He is a U.S. Navy veteran of 6 years, serving as a nuclear Machinist Mate on a fast attack submarine, and spent 6 more years in the commercial nuclear industry. Gary later got his degree in mechanical engineering, where he met his husband and worked as an explosion hazards risk consultant, traveling the world for 22 years. In that time, he authored over a thousand project reports and industry publications, becoming a well-known expert in the field of vapor cloud explosions. He and his husband fell in love with SCUBA diving on a trip to Australia in 1999 and have been avid divers since, often going with groups of other gay divers. Currently retired in Southern California, Gary is enjoying a slower pace, spending time volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Escape to California: Misadventures in America’s Golden State

He wasn’t trying to break America. But would America break him? Rocked by political turmoil, climate change and a global pandemic, the US was calling out for a hero. Unfortunately, it was travel writer Chris Atkin who turned up. Over the course of nearly two years living in the Golden State, Chris explores the history and incredible landscapes of western America. He learns about the unsolved murder of the co-founder of Stanford University and the pioneer family reduced to cannibalism. He also finds the entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of California, which, for all of Silicon Valley’s success stories, is equally central to the tale of how hippies came to benefit when nearly three tonnes of marijuana fell from the skies above Yosemite. When not living next door to Donkey from Shrek, Chris dodges bears, mountain lions, rattlesnakes and Covid-deniers, and discovers there’s more than one way to live the American Dream.

Meet Chris Atkin

Since spending five years working in the television studios at Sky News and BT Sport in London, Chris has worked as an author and freelance writer. He has written for numerous publications, including The Times, The Huffington Post and Time Out. When he’s not writing books and articles, Chris works as a copywriter and digital marketer. In his free time, you’ll likely find him discovering somewhere new, or in his garden in Cambridge, tending his vegetable patch while listening out for noise emanating from the crowd at his beloved Cambridge United.

Dude, Where’s My Walking Stick?

Get ready for the out-of-the-ordinary adventure “Dude, Where’s My Walking Stick?” Follow in the footsteps of Kevin Moore, an ordinary guy with an extraordinary spirit, as he embarks on a hilariously ill-prepared journey to conquer the rugged South Island section of New Zealand’s legendary Te Araroa Trail. With little more than a backpack full of worn-out equipment, a few party favours and a hearty dose of determination, he’s about to redefine what it means to take a walk on the wild side. In a world of meticulously planned treks and seasoned hikers, Kevin’s quest is refreshingly unconventional. Armed with his trusty companion “Richard,” a sense of humour and sheer audacity, he tackles this challenging trail with a “just wing it” attitude. The results? Equal parts comedy and inspiration. From bewildering encounters with native wildlife to side-splitting misadventures with the incredible people he meets along the way, Kevin’s journey is a laugh-out-loud rollercoaster ride through the unbelievably gorgeous landscapes of Aotearoa. But beneath the humour lies a deeper story of human resilience. The impulsive decision to undertake this gruelling 1304-kilometre journey was born from the sudden loss of his mother. The unwavering power of determination, the camaraderie forged with newfound friends, and the unexpected beauty of New Zealand’s untamed wilderness serve as guiding lights, leading Kevin through the long pathway of his grief. “Dude, Where’s My Walking Stick?” is not just a travel memoir; it’s a testament to the enduring human spirit. Through Kevin’s escapades and mishaps, you’ll discover that sometimes, the most memorable journeys are the ones where you have no idea what you’re doing. You’ll be inspired to embrace spontaneity, break free from your comfort zone, and tackle life’s challenges head-on. Whether you’re an avid hiker, an armchair adventurer, or simply looking for a great read that will make you smile, “Dude, Where’s My Walking Stick?” is the book you’ve been waiting for. It’s a hilarious, heartwarming, and unforgettable tale of one man’s audacious quest to conquer nature, himself, and the unknown. Join Kevin as he blazes through New Zealand’s long-distance trail, one misstep at a time, and discover that sometimes, the best adventures happen when you have no clue what you are doing. Grab your copy today, and get ready to laugh, cheer, and be inspired by “Dude, Where’s My Walking Stick?”

Meet Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore, an acclaimed author, has accomplished the remarkable feat of catapulting his debut novel to the coveted #1 bestseller position. His unique writing style has garnered resounding praise from enthusiasts of adventure travel. Hailing from the tightly-knit farming community of Chatham, Ontario, Kevin Moore has always been an individual who dances to the rhythm of his own drumbeat. Fearlessly authentic, he consistently embraces the road less travelled, seizing every opportunity for adventure that life offers. Beyond his insatiable wanderlust, Kevin’s interests span a wide spectrum, including a passion for extreme sports, a profound love for music in all its forms, culinary exploration in both cooking and eating and, most importantly, sharing contagious laughter with those around him. Kevin embarked on his first extraordinary journey in 2009, spurred by an unexpected and life-altering event. This pivotal moment led him to the picturesque west coast of Canada, where he dedicated himself to diligently working for the 2010 Olympics in Whistler. This incredible opportunity introduced him to a diverse array of people from around the globe, further igniting his already fervent passion for exploration and discovery. Since then, Kevin’s wanderlust has taken him to captivating destinations, including Nepal, India, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, the United States, and extensive explorations throughout Canada. You can often find Kevin residing in the wilds of the Yukon Territory or traversing the country in a van, seeking new adventures with each passing day. “One World! One Family! One Love!”

Greece Travel Guide : “The Most Up-to Date Pocket Travel Guide to Greece Rich Culture, Exquisite Cuisine, Majestic Landscapes, and Unforgettable Adventures”

“Embark on an unforgettable odyssey through Greece with our comprehensive travel guide. Uncover hidden treasures, ancient wonders, and vibrant culture as you explore iconic cities and serene islands. From the majestic Acropolis to the sun-soaked beaches of Santorini, let this guide be your compass to a remarkable Greek adventure. Maximize your journey with expert tips and insider insights. Your Greek dream awaits – dive in and create memories to last a lifetime.”

Meet Noah Ellis

Noah Ellis is a passionate cultural explorer, an experienced explorer, and a frequent traveler. Noah has made it his life’s work to become fully engrossed in the vibrant tapestry of this alluring nation out of a deep love for Greece and a strong desire to share its wonders with the rest of the world. Born with a wanderlust attitude, he has traveled around Greece on numerous occasions, taking in its varied landscapes, exploring its rich history, and savoring its mouthwatering cuisine.