Jingo in the Jungle: Saving the Jewels of the Earth

JINGO the orangutan loves his beautiful jungle habitat — but when bulldozers arrive, can he and his animal friends band together to save their home?

Venture deep into the rainforest with this vividly illustrated picture book!

Parents will enjoy an engaging story that speaks directly to kids showing what deforestation can do on animals and wildlife habitats.

Children will love reading about Jingo and his brave friends!

Jingo in the Jungle is based on the true story of an orangutan – in Indonesia – defending its home and habitat from being destroyed by a bulldozer.

Join in the fight by learning more today!

“Serena deserves a constellation of stars for consistently writing picture books that capture children’s attention and deliver important messages.” – G. Williams, editor.

“I’m in love with Jingo and his humour that appeals to both children and adults.” – D.W., writer.

From the Author

I write books for young children that have the future of our planet at their heart. I passionately believe that children are our last chance to improve our ecosystems, find solutions to major climate problems, and save the planet.

I also believe in the importance of reading to children from an early age, and hope that my books engage children (and parents!) and inspire them to believe in a better future.

Benefits of Environmental Education

According to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), there are four reasons to provide children with environmental education:

  • To make them more aware and conscious of environmental problems.
  • To boost their interest in caring for and improving the environment.
  • To enhance their ability to learn about their surroundings.
  • To broaden their ecological knowledge in subjects such as landscapes, air, water, natural resources and wildlife.

About the Author

Serena Lane Ferrari is a mother and an English teacher. She writes books for children concerning the future of our planet.

Serena hopes her stories will encourage future generations to be aware of and engage with environmental issues.

As Greta Thunberg says, “No one is too small to make a difference.”

About the Illustrator

Born in the countryside of Tuscany, Italy, Ferdinando Batistini is an illustrator and concept artist for animation and games.

Raised up in the family’s farm, at 24 years he decided to change his life and start what he loved the most: drawing. After attending the NEMO Academy in Florence, with the maximum of votes, he started a career as a freelancer, working for important publishers.

Ferdinando now lives in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

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