Turning Point Moments

What If Your Next Life Challenge Could Be the Springboard to Your Greatest Joy and Success?

We don’t typically think of experiences like illness, death, betrayal, job loss, burnout, or accidents as the doorway to a more fulfilling and beautiful life. Yet, if you know how to look at these challenges in a different light, they can be powerful opportunities to turn your life around—in small and large ways.

Seeing a challenge through the prism of change is exactly how these 41 authors from 8 countries have emerged stronger and happier from what could have been devastating circumstances.

You’ll be inspired as you read how they turned:

  • Job loss into a new business
  • Relationship betrayal into deeper self-love
  • Adrenal collapse into renewed health
  • Loss of a spouse into a hope-filled future

Let these stories of hope and inspiration guide you to and through your own turning point moment experience, where the things you thought could never turn out well, end up better than you ever dreamed possible.

In Turning Point Moments you’ll gain valuable insights like how to:

  • Say “yes” to you no matter what
  • Build a new and better life after divorce
  • Be who you are rather than who others think you should be
  • View set-backs as opportunities in disguise
  • Gain the courage to follow your passion

Especially in these times, it’s essential now more than ever to gain the skills, insight and inspiration to be resilient, open to new possibilities and hopeful no matter what comes your way. These stories show you how your life will be transformed as you come back to a place of self-love where you feel nurtured and empowered.

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