Dachshund Immortal

Dachshund Immortal: Yeah, so there's this dog - ASIN B07V8S4YRG

In a world where Donald Trump was never born, everything is pretty much as it is here, until the 2016 election comes and goes and the left gets everything it’s ever wanted, and more. As seen through the eyes of an alcoholic, Pro-Life, conservative wiener dog that doesn’t die.  
What could have happened if 2016 hadn’t gone the way it had? What if the left received no push back? What if a dog lived long enough to understand English? What is the mental cost of telling yourself it’s okay to get an abortion? Join me in discovering the answers to these questions and more!

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Trump Cop


Trump – Love Him or Hate Him? Fact or Pulp Fiction?

In an alternate universe, Donald Trump travels through time righting wrongs and displaying acts of heroism, while wooing the ladies.

In this lurid tale, Trump is a feared Dirty Harry-style Police Inspector and one of NYPD’s finest, who has a serial killer and kidnapper to track down amidst a grisly set of murders, in a steaming hot New York City, 1981.

This fast-paced story places our hero in a series of predicaments that only Inspector Trump can overcome in his own inimitable style.

Whether you are a lover or a hater of Donald J. Trump, you’ll be entertained by this adults-only fantasy!