Terror in Brief: Volume II

Another collection of 200 frightening horror stories that are just two sentences long. These tales may be extremely short, but they can still induce fear and panic. Meet the deranged and murderous, witness what beasts and spirits can do and watch as terrifying incidents wreck people’s lives.

Meet D. T. Adams

D. T. Adams is a British writer, poet and author of the novel No Going Back. His writing varies from poetry and rants about modern society, to two-sentence stories, horror stories and more. He’s particularly interested in the complexities of 21st-century life and complains about these a lot in some of his e-books. You won’t find any photos of him since he prefers to remain anonymous. However, he’s prepared to reveal that he enjoys reading, travelling and walking up hills – the more exhausting the climb, the better!

Terror in Brief

A collection of 200 chilling horror stories that are just two sentences long. Though these horrific stories are very short indeed, they may still give you the creeps. Encounter corrupt people of pure evil, come face to face with bloodcurdling monsters and beings and bear witness to deadly phenomena.

Meet D. T. Adams

D. T. Adams is the pen name of an anonymous British writer. He’s self-published ten e-books to date, including a novel, a collection of short horror stories, micro fiction, poetry and more. He’s inspired by the world we live in today, as well as imaginary worlds of fantasy, horror and everything in between.