Eagle River Detectives, Book 1, This One’s for You, Dad!

#1 New Release in Children’s Intermediate Readers Books. In this compelling mystery, 15-year-old Carly Grant takes on most of her small town to clear her father’s name. With the help of her siblings and her new boyfriend, the Eagle River Detectives comb through the town’s history, search an abandoned building, escape a fire, and foil the crooked town sheriff to find the truth. Carly is a great role model for girls of all ages. Very well written. You can’t put this one down

Meet Katherine H. Klemp

Hi to you all! I love to write and I love kids (I had eight!). The Grant kids in this book have become very dear to me. This will be a four book series, so I am getting to know these fun, amazing characters very well. I hope you fall in love with them, as have I. “Eagle River Detectives, Book Two, Tim Grant, Reluctant Hero” is up on Amazon, and can be preordered now.