Bedtime Stories for Kids. Once upon a Time Collection 4-in-1: Short Meditation Stories with Dinosaurs, Unicorns, Pirates to help Active Children Fall Asleep and Learn

Help your child fall asleep with a smile! This 4-in-1 Bundle Collection of short Bedtime Stories features Pirates, Dragons, Fairies, Unicorns, and many other beloved Magical Creatures! Our collections are designed to get your child excited for bedtime and guide them peacefully into sleep. If your kid needs an extra nudge to get into bed, these collections are perfect to read aloud with your little dreamer. The vivid characters and beautiful stories of friendship and adventure will engage their imagination and guide them into happy dreams. The story arcs are written in a way that helps kids wind down as the story goes on and is perfect for reluctant sleepers.

Meet Olivia Bryce

Yani The Unicorn And The Day Mommy Went To The Moon

Separation anxiety is a difficult struggle for young children and parents—this heart-warming story can help!

Meet Belle Brown

Belle Brown is a mother to an energetic and very inquisitive “purple princess” who loves all sorts of stories. Her little kid’s insatiable appetite for learning inspired her to write her first book series, Patrick the Piglet’s Learning Adventures. Belle Brown wanted to bring the power of learning through storytelling with her writing. Her books develop children’s cognitive abilities, help parents bond with their children, and nurture a lifelong love for reading.

Unicorn Mission

After meeting a group of Unicorn Guardians, a young girl’s life turns into a whirlwind of magic, action, adventure, and mystery. The Unicorn Guardians are desperate. The Sacred Rainbow has been taken and without it the land won’t survive coming winter! The situation is dire. The unicorns will need help. And Rosie is just the person for it! With her magic-loving nature, Rosie dives headfirst into the search of the missing colours. But what seemed like a simple task soon turns into a dangerous quest where time is critical. Can the companions return the Rainbow to its rightful place before all the magical goodness vanishes? They know the stakes are high. They simply cannot fail. If you like Unicorn Magic series, you will love Unicorn Mission. Unicorns, fairies, missing rainbow, danger and magic all make this book a true keeper. Will Rosie succeed in this mission? Enter the world of magical action and adventure to find out. Unicorn Mission is Book 3 in the magical adventure and action-packed series, The Adventures of Rosie Hart. Complete the set with Book 1, Fairy Quest and Book 2, Mermaid Rescue.

Meet Iveta Ongley

Iveta Ongley was born in the Czech Republic and as a child loved pretending being a teacher, only to grow up to become one. Her love of reading was enticed by her dad, who would spend uncountable hours with his nose buried in books. After meeting her husband when working in New Zealand, she settled in the beautiful country. They live in Auckland with their two daughters and two cats. She finds inspiration for her books in her children but they are also the greatest and most gorgeous distraction from writing.

The Butterfly Tree & other stories

The Butterfly Tree & other stories (Dragonscale Diffusions Book 2) - ASIN B087TW882Y

Five tales from the land of Nirunen. 

Five tales out of legend and ancient mythology.

Five tales of men and women who are not yet heroes.

Five tales of fabulous creatures and monsters.

Five tales from history in a world very different from our own.

Three women … Escaping from the harsh demands of society. Refusing to live their lives according to the rigid rules of narrow-minded villages and towns. Slipping out of the clutches of tyrannical men and discovering who they really are. These are tales of women who are not strong warriors or sexual predators. 

Spend a while with Eran, a man despised, who cannot lead the life he wants because of a disability. Meet Lored, a taku-kevir who experiences life as a series of tests …

Mermaids, monsters, unicorns and butterflies. Nirunen is a place to face your worst nightmares and to live your most delightful dreams.

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