Ease the Pain: a World of Hek novel

Be careful what you wish for! Years ago, young Jack Nelson made a wish to be just like his father; having no idea that his wish would forever alter his life in devasting ways. Years later, Captain Nelson had to shoot and kill his partner in order to stop a bomb from destroying the Hoover Dam. Racked with guilt, nightmares, and intense pain, Nelson is forced to retire in Las Vegas and find solace in drugs. Five years later, Jack is forced to return to a life of violence to save his loved ones and get the medicine he needs to cure himself. Little does he know that everything in his life has been orchestrated by the wish-granting demon called Hek. Now fighting the pain within and committing a variety of assassinations for our government whilst fighting off a psychotic demon lady with a multiple-personality disorder, all Jack wants to do is retire and settle down with his girlfriend, Mercy. Luckily, Jack will get some help from an unlikely source: vampires!

Meet Robert Ford

I am a married man with two grown children, and I teach Cambridge Global Perspectives at a local middle school. I began to take writing seriously during my high school and college years, as I wrote and illustrated comic books that sold locally before turning to work on writing novels. I published my first book, Christlike, in 1996 and my second, The World of Hek, Book One: Forever in 2010. I enjoyed the wish-granting demon named Hek so much that I wrote more in the series with the titles Savior (2011), Tales of Love & Revenge (2013), and First Wish (2020). I have also written a comedy screenplay, The Curse of the Translucent Monster (in color) in 2013 and the inspirational A Christmas Burglary (2017). One of my proudest achievements, however, is that my writing has inspired my daughter to pursue her own career, too.

Quaking Soul

This was it. This was Na’rina’s chance to prove to her mother and the dryad Council she could navigate the mythic and human worlds. With night hanging over the city, all she needs to do is sneak in unseen, attend a mythic meeting, and report back. If only she knew who had called the meeting in the first place.

Na’rina’s a young Drydanda, destined to be Queen of the Dryads, or tree nymphs. Her world-fauns, nymphs, dwarves-hides in plain sight from the more populated human world. As long as they remain myth, they remain safe.

He’s come to warn them but he’s a wer-im, a werecat, who was banished centuries ago with the rest of his species for burning the dryad’s trees. But humans captured his leader and dozens of other mythical creatures as well. If the mythic world is to survive, he must forge alliances.

When Na’rina’s mother goes missing, she finds the violent, banished wer-im her only allies. She soon realizes that everything she’s been taught in preparation for leadership appears to be wrong. Who can Na’rina trust while attempting to keep the dryads alive in her mother’s absence? As she quickly discovers, the fate of the mythical world rests on her decisions.

Flawed Series Box Set


Find out why readers say:
“I loved every minute” and “I can’t get enough of these characters and their special flaws.”

This complete, 6-book box set includes all four full-length novels from the Flawed series (#1 Empath, #2 Outsider, #3 Protector, and #4 Enchanter) plus two bonus stories: Constricted (Flawed #1.5) and The Father Hunt (Flawed #3.5).

Flawed features a lovable cast of supernaturally charged college kids as they band together to overcome their unusual flaws and outwit several determined killers. If you enjoy heartwarming love stories, gripping suspense, and a dash of the paranormal, download this series today.