Gus loves to run track and today was his first race. Because of a slow start getting ready for the day and not paying attention when he should, Gus has a bummer of a day. At school he gets embarrassed, he gets in trouble, and his first school track meet is even impacted. In this inspiring story, Gus shows how a tough day can motivate you to turn things around and reward you in exciting ways.

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My Little Piggy


Sulin is at the fair with her parents and has run out of coins to buy the teddy bear that she wants.
She will soon discover that the most important things in life are in the most unexpected places.

“What’s worth more” is the first volume of the collection of 5 books of My Little Piggy.
Created to raise children’s awareness about the importance of money and its big influence in the community. Every funny story teaches the kids a healthy way to understand money as a social tool and learn to manage it without forgetting the most important values ??in life.