When planning revenge, the first step is to dig two graves.

From the book:
He didn’t even notice Bill Prince step up behind him until he felt the tap on his shoulder. As he turned, he didn’t see the fist of the former special operator, now Special Forces Instructor until it had almost made contact with the side of his face. Everything went dark for a moment.
When he regained consciousness, he was lying face down on the ground being cuffed.
“Whoever you are, you are making a mistake and you are about to be in big trouble. I suggest you let me go,” Agent Sky shouted.
“Not a chance, Serpico. You have a lot of questions to answer.”
“You’ll find my shield and ID in my back-left pocket. You need to let me up now.”
Bill dug in the pocket and pulled out his ID case.
“Agent Antonio Sky of the NEA. Hmm. Well, Sky, we have a problem. More specifically, YOU have a problem.”
Bill Prince hauled the man roughly to his feet. His wrists were still cuffed behind him.
“Before you get any ideas, Agent Antonio Sky of the NEA, I need you to look down at your chest. See the dot?”
He saw the laser dot painted on his chest.
“About three hundred yards from here is a very angry man with that laser. It is attached to his rather beautiful Barrett M82 rifle. About two inches below that laser is a fifty caliber BMG round. You need to understand that it will go through your vest as easily as it would a t-shirt.
“You also need to understand that the same government you work for trained him with the motto, ‘one shot, one kill.’ And for him, three hundred yards is close range. That is the long way of telling you not to be a hero.”

The exciting conclusion to Planning Vengeance – Broken Path Book 1. Paul’s path leads him further and further into the darkness. Will he be able to drag Jack and Amy along with him to his dark place, or will their friends and family be able to save them?
Follow along on the roller-coaster ride. There is more action, high-speed driving, guns, cars and even a little more romance.

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Planning Vengeance

Planning Vengeance is a action story with thrills, car chases, guns… and a little romance. It starts with a couple of teens that finally get their miscommunications behind them, but someone else doesn’t want that to happen. He spirals out of control and takes a dark, broken path.
From the book:

“Did you see that, he has a gun,” Amy exclaimed to Jack as she slammed on the brakes.
She downshifted and booted the gas pedal to the floor. The 302 under the hood was one of the smaller V-8s in Chevy’s lineup, but it was an engine built for speed. And the Z-28 launched forward while the engine screamed. She shot past Paul, who was still reacting to Amy have hit the brakes.
The car got light going over the second little bridge, as the road turned slightly in the middle of the hump, but Amy counter-steered just a little, instinctively, and kept it under control.
“Take a left on Hall Rd. Paul might not even know it’s there. We might lose him,” Jack said quickly.
Amy pushed hard on the brakes again, barely making the hard left on the narrow road as the tires gently squealed, on the edge of their ability.
Hall Rd was an old country road that ran between Beach and Silver Isles Blvd. There were a few ruins of old houses on it, but now it was hardly ever used.
Amy was flying along in second gear when she saw the little BMW behind her.

But Amy and Jack, the star-crossed teens, have powerful allies when Paul decides to go to war with them. He is a creative foe…
Will they prevail, or will Paul find the single crack in their armor. Follow along on the wild ride in Planning Vengeance.