Esie Explores Dangerous Germs

Esie Explores Dangerous Germs - ASIN B08C9Q67N2

Bacteria Esie and Es embark on a new adventure to improve the health of cows. But when Esie and her twin Es encounter dangerous viruses along the way, will the cows protect them? This action-packed story is based on real-life behaviors of bacteria and viruses. And yes–viruses attack bacteria, too! Each page also features an interesting science fact about microbes. For kids ages 6-8.

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The Singularity Mirror

The world is on the brink of war fueled by a global economic depression and ready to be ignited by a hard-line general named Victor Kramul. There is only one thing standing in his way: a private military company led by ex-General Erik Baylure. As strategic minds collide, the situation reaches a boiling point and leads to the creation of a weapon that will change the course of history.