Less Than Little Time

On the verge of losing her battle with cancer, young environmentalist and policewoman Connie gets a chance to leave her mark on the world by helping an activist group fight for new laws. But when she learns the true scale of the groupĀ“s plans, she must decide between saving the planet and saving her family.

Meet Sabina Green

Sabina Green is the debut author of the apocalyptic novel Less Than Little Time which is the first instalment of the Between Worlds series. She is an environmentalist and this passion is woven into her novels. When not writing, she can be found haunting local bookstores, taking walks in parks, and chasing other people’s dogs for cuddles. She was born in Prague, Czechia and now lives in Perth, Western Australia with her son.

Esie Explores Dangerous Germs

Esie Explores Dangerous Germs - ASIN B08C9Q67N2

Bacteria Esie and Es embark on a new adventure to improve the health of cows. But when Esie and her twin Es encounter dangerous viruses along the way, will the cows protect them? This action-packed story is based on real-life behaviors of bacteria and viruses. And yes–viruses attack bacteria, too! Each page also features an interesting science fact about microbes. For kids ages 6-8.

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