Show It Beauty

SHOW IT BEAUTY‘ is an art book with an intriguing twist. Beyond the vibrant digital collage artworks that fill its pages, the book invites readers into a unique collaboration with artificial intelligence. Through probing questions and insightful dialogues, the author engages the AI in a conversation that explores the subjective nature of beauty, perception, and understanding.

The AI serves as both a guide and a student, learning from the author’s artistic expressions and offering its unique perspective. It’s a shared exploration that challenges traditional boundaries and invites readers to ponder the capabilities of artificial intelligence in grasping human emotions and aesthetics.

The author’s dual role as artist and writer adds depth to this engaging journey, where technology meets creativity, and questions become gateways to reflection. ‘SHOW IT BEAUTY’ is about finding connections, questioning perceptions, and celebrating art in all its forms.

Join the author in a book that inspires, entertains, and offers a fresh and exciting way to engage with art and technology. ‘SHOW IT BEAUTY’ reflects a passion for exploring the boundaries of art and artificial intelligence, making it a must-read for those curious about the intersection of creativity and technology.

Meet Clee Smith

Clee Smith is an author and artist with a flair for the unconventional. With a curiosity that spans the realms of technology, art, and philosophy, Clee’s work defies traditional categorization, embracing a fusion of creativity and exploration that is both thought-provoking and visually captivating.

Adventures with Darian – A Pirate at Sea See

Meet Darian the Daring, the bravest pirate in the seven seas! Life with one-eye isn’t easy—especially when the Seven Seas Celebration is approaching and all you have is a trunkful of junk. With his stalwart crew, Daring Darian sets sail in search of real treasure—but his vision problems lead them into disaster after disaster. Whirlpools and icebergs, squids and swordfights—with every treasure map just a blotchy blur, how can Daring Darian ever find enough treasure to win the Most Piratical Pirate Contest? But when an accident inspires some ocular inventions, Darian—and all the other piratical pirates—discover that the greatest treasure of all is not what you have but what you give back.

Meet J.L.Rames

J.L. Rames daringly wrote this book inspired by her daring son Darian. They both love dancing, digging through dirt for bugs and eating dark chocolate. She has two devoted parents, a dashing co-parent, and two darling children who make life delightful. A Pirate at (Sea) See is J.L. Rames first picture book and she dares you to think it’ll be the last one.