Kingdom Warfare

Kingdom warfare is not about slogging it out with the devil. It is about standing on the victory of Jesus to put the devil where he belong. As a new Covenant Christian, Jesu already won the battle nd gave you his victory. This should encourage you to have a more than conqueror mentality at all times.

Meet Kunle Prosper

Kunle Prosper is a minister of the gospel called into active pulpit ministry with a mandate to preach the word of his Grace to Liberate the World from Slavery. He is the visioner and senior pastor of Great Grace Global Mission, also known as The Triumphant Church International, currently in Accra. He is a gospel author and publisher. He is married and blessed with children

The Stone Messiah Vol I

If you lived in a world… where your civilisation could be annihilated; every person you held dear murdered, mutilated or sold into slavery; in unremitting danger and unendurable oppression – YOU would need a messiah… Africa 2000 BC An unimaginably cruel and dangerous world, Genocidal war between two civilisations… The ultimate liberation struggle epic. FREE on Amazon on 13th August Circa 2300 BC – seafarers of Sumerian origin settle south of the Rovuma in East Africa, establishing the Uran civilisation, which grows and flourishes for 300 years. Centred on a walled city in Mozambique, a horse centred, hunting, metal working culture develops. Four hundred miles to the north, around 2070 BC, a huge maritime expedition from Egypt reaches Tanzania. They establish a great capital south of the Rufiji river. Seventy years later, these empire builders destroy the Uran capital Avara. A child is found in the ashes. The story begins… At twenty, that child unites the most gifted men of his generation, against those who brought their civilisation to the brink of annihilation. This is the story of the Uran’s astonishing war against the Andracians. Beautifully written, Intense, Cinematic, Visceral. An epic from the Heroic age of Myths. Life, Death and War. Comradeship, Strategy, Leadership. Triumph and Deliverance.

Meet Anonymous IV

The most memorable stories of all, were those myths that have lasted a thousand years, or to the dawn of civilisation – Gilgamesh, the Siege of Troy, Arthurian legend. Concise, fast moving tales with beautifully memorable twists, stories of heroes who like gladiators, defy death many times, but ultimately must pay the price: and for whom death usually provides a kind of absolution for all transgressions. The authors of these greatest of stories often shared the single, universal name – Anonymous.

Omega: The Heart and Soul of a War Criminal

The Young Captain Carter leads Omega Squad, a band of British, Special Forces soldiers who are known to teeter between legal and illegal warfare. Omega Squad come face to face with the eccentric and mad, Tarmo Skenev, an arms dealer who has taken former Omega Squad member, turned undercover operative, Riley, prisoner. Just when they believe their mission is over, Omega realise it is only the beginning. As the fight gets bloodier and enemy ties deepen, each member of Omega must face their own demons, coming face to face with their mental health. Who should read this book? Fans of gripping action, heroes to back to the very end and villains to despise. Junkies of thriller, who have no clue what to expect next, the twist in this tale is harsh and lethal. The story is not just another epic action series, it comes with an embedded message of mental health. One of our heroes from Omega Squad, Reed, is an amazing soldier, his skill eclipses all others, yet he is haunted by his past, a tragic accident is relived over and over. Shift, another member of the squad, battles his dissociative identity disorder. In the story, we find out how one particular song turns him into an unhinged, animalistic mad man. Romance is also a key part of this story, a story of love, its trials and tribulations. How even in a world of war and terror, love flourishes and its stubbornness to die. We see both sides of it. A beautiful moment when two souls, destined for one another, finally come face to face, against all odds. Also, the darker side of love. The obsessiveness of it. How an infatuation can blind you and lead you down a path you would not willingly choose to follow. This story will beg its reader to ask themselves, ‘what would I have done in that situation?’. Omega: The Heart and Soul of a War Criminal is an epic story that features, thought-provoking dialogue, a promise of realism and shines a light on the delicate nature of mental health.

Meet Jax Bowman

A twenty-something-year-old relentlessly chasing the dream to create a piece of fiction that does more than tell a story. I first discovered my love for writing during my last year of college, where I studied Creative Media Production, a course I had fallen out of love with. Until I found screenwriting. It was my saving grace and gave me a new-found desire to continue with my college education. I have written a mockumentary/comedy script and an action screenplay. ‘Omega: The Heart and Soul of a War Criminal’ is an adaptation of that same action screenplay. I have spent over a year transforming this humble screenplay into an epic story, which features, thought-provoking dialogue. Characters to fall in love with, and those to despise. A promise of realism. And a shining light on mental health.