The Lightworkers

MYSTERY AND MURDER ENSUE WHEN THE CARNIVAL COMES TO TOWN. Thea’s entire life has been a lie. As high school graduation nears, she yearns for a purpose… and for a family, but on the outskirts of town, along the streets Thea’s long avoided, an evil force lurks, hunting her. After one reckless night out, Thea awakens in a dark, dirty pit to the sounds of chanting and screaming. A narrow escape throws her into a hidden world of magic and danger. She finds herself in-between two opposing factions and learns she’s a vital key in an endangered lineage of energy witches tasked with protecting all earth’s existence. Now she must relearn everything: who she is, where she comes from, and how to use the pulsing magic that’s always run through her veins. But time is running out. When a loved one vanishes, Thea must act fast. The evil will stop at nothing to get what it desires, and Thea can’t risk losing anyone else. *Books 1 & 2 available now!*

Meet Elie James Wile

Elie James Wile explores the magic of the cosmos through her fiction and nonfiction writing. Mixing reality with possibility, her stories dive into the heart of humanity, question authority, and face life-altering consequences. Elie’s books include the Carnival of Chaos series, a young adult urban fantasy series featuring the magical Thea deLaRue; the USA Today bestselling contemporary “glam-romance” series, The Lust List (written as Mira Bailee alongside Nova Raines); and a children’s picture book, And Love Speaks (written as JL Blair) that brings honesty and understanding to the impact of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. She calls the Louisiana bayou her home. Learn more about Elie James Wile and her novels at