A sweet Southern town. A failing family manor. And a plan to save it all…

When Brynn Townsend loses her job in the city, she knows she wants to return home to Tennessee. At her best friend’s urging, Brynn agrees to accept the job as an event planner at Oakleaf Manor in the small town of Sugar Maple. Her first task is to put together a fall festival at Oakleaf, but little does she suspect that the owner’s son, Jack Oakley, has plans of his own.

Jack has tried this venture before in hopes of saving his family farm and ended up losing everything. He is sure he can find another way to preserve Oakleaf Manor for future generations. A way that doesn’t include either Brynn or the festival.

As time passes, Brynn begins to realize she is falling for Jack, and she believes Jack feels the same way. But when disaster strikes, Brynn and Jack find themselves fighting against each other instead of working together. Can the two of them overcome the challenges they face? Will they find a way to save the farm and fall in love in the process? Or will their differences pull them apart?

Autumn at Oakleaf Manor is an experience to remember. So pack your bags and come along to tiny Sugar Maple, Tennessee in Love at the Fall Festival.

Love at the Fall Festival is the enchanting first installment in the Sugar Maple Romance series of sweet and wholesome romance novels. 

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