Arcane Delights

This book is a collection of several spells and magickal recipes that address matters of love, money, spirit work, protection, good luck, purification and so much more. Have you ever wanted to create soap bars that help open the roads to opportunity? Perhaps making an oil recipe that summons a protective servitor is more your style. If you’ve never made your own spiritual loose-leaf or cone incense and want to give it a try this book can provide do-it-yourself instructions. There are several reviews of occult-related movies featured throughout the pages of this work. Some titles such as “The Craft” and “The Wicker Man” are relatively familiar to modern audiences but a few of the movies being reviewed are of a more obscure sort. There’s also a smattering of cosmic horror-related material printed here and there throughout “Arcane Delights” if that’s your cup of tea. May your spellcraft be fruitful and your ways arcane!

Meet Zwahk Muchoney

Zwahk Muchoney is an eclectic witch with over 20 years of experience in the craft. She likes to digitally alter photographs for fun in her spare time and live quite happily with her mad scientist husband and two calico cats in the Seattle area. She simply cannot resist anything that is the color purple.

Heretic – The Life of a Witch Hunter

It is one hundred years after the black death and with Europe still in ruins, many continue to die. Now, no longer able to feed their only child, Aiden Selwyn’s parents are forced to give him up and three days walk through the English countryside, they arrive at isolated monestery. The abbot takes him in without hesitation, but all is not as it seems and after reaching adulthood, Aiden discovers their true intentions.

Having made a daring escape, he wanders the countryside, committed to doing what he believes is God’s work. But, death is an ever-present companion and Aiden reaches the conclusion that he is no longer able to accept the consequences of his obligation to God. It is at this point that the course of his life takes a sudden turn when he meets Aelianna, a beautiful black haired woman living alone in the woods. And after suspecting her to be a practitioner of the black arts, he suspends his judgement long enough to fall in love with her. 

For a time, life is idyllic and Aiden has finally found peace. But, the evil he has discovered to also be inherent in people finds them out, testing both his strength as well as his deep love for Aelianna. Heretic is a story of the things that can sometimes scar ones life. It is a story of resolve and transformation. That even the most misguided can be reborn with a new sense of purpose.

No Other Gods: Loving What God Loves; Hating What He Hates (Volume 2)

No Other Gods: Loving What God Loves; Hating What He Hates (Volume 2) - ASIN B082BLL8GB

We are headed toward the end—the end of time. And we need to get ready. Does Jesus love you? Yes! Does He forgive sins? Yes! But as the age of grace comes to a close and the day of judgment is ushered in, God raises the bar. We’re used to His mercy, but judgment begins with the household of God. He’s purifying His bride, and these are the principles you’ll need to liberate yourself from the devil, who, if you’re not careful, will take hold of you and not let go. Learn how to live free from him and walk in sweet, tender fellowship with the Lord of Hosts through earth’s darkest hour.

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