Pieces of Me

One woman’s journey to full-bodied spiritual empowerment in a world of trauma and hardship. By the age of ten, Felicity has already been dubbed a “troublemaker” by her family—a family that is wild, dysfunctional, and characterized by a constant Lord of the Flies-esque sense of feast-or-famine. This dysfunction culminates in Felicity witnessing her father attempting to kill her mother, and this event lays a firm foundation for what Felicity expects of the men in her life: unpredictability and mixed messages about what “love” really is. Hardened by her experiences and accepting of the notion that love is more like war than anything else, Felicity enters adulthood wary of the world around her, and finds herself in a toxic marriage where she constantly bears the brunt of her husband’s alcoholism and abuse. Broken-spirited and passive, she sails through life asking herself, Is this really it? It is only when her parents unexpectedly pass away that Felicity feels spurred to make a promise to herself: no longer will she accept this life of emptiness and heartache and continue the cycle of generational trauma that tainted her own childhood. Instead, she will commence a journey of self-healing and independence, and become the most glorious, self-actualized version of herself. Escaping in the middle of a snowstorm with her seven-year-old son in tow, Felicity begins to rebuild her life, piece by piece, and paves the way for a future she was taught to think impossible. Her mission is clear: she will heal her wounds and design a reality that allows for peace, happiness, and constant spiritual growth. Humorous and vivacious as it is candid and vulnerable, Pieces of Me documents Felicity Nicole’s admirable yet deeply relatable life story with vivid clarity: the highs and lows; the dreams and downfalls; the traumas and triumphs. Her memoir singlehandedly debunks the myth that there is a “point of no return” in life and champions the message that your life and healing is entirely within your control—and can be turned around at any given moment.

Meet Felicity Nicole

Ditching Success?

At fifty, entrepreneur and seasoned workaholic Batoul Ajlouni reached the very height of her career, her middle age, and the lowest point of her life.

The endless passion and zeal she once had for work and life have all but disappeared. Confused and anxious about her never-before situation, she is faced with a life-changing decision to make: Does she listen to the business-executive in her head, tough it all out and continue with the successful career she had spent half her life building? Or does she follow the free-spirit inside her heart, sacrifice everything she has ever worked for, and leap into a place of new hopes and dreams she knew nothing about?

In her timely memoir, Batoul Ajlouni shares her personal and professional venture of self-transformation at the most challenging of times, while re-evaluating priorities, seeking balance, searching for answers to questions and dilemmas we all face at one point or another during our professional journeys.

Meet Batoul I. Ajlouni

Batoul Ajlouni is an architect, entrepreneur, and business executive with thirty years of experience in fifteen of the world’s toughest markets. Co-founded her company at twenty-four, before serving as VP for Business Development at a leading IT firm, helping it grow into a multinational corporation. A prominent businesswoman engaged in activities and public speaking events on design, business, technology, and women and youth empowerment. Also, an active board member at Jordan’s premier Society for the Conservation of Nature. Batoul works from her home in Amman, Jordan where she lives with her husband.