The 4% Break-Thru


96% of Small Businesses Fail Within 10 years.

ENTREPRENEURS, DISCOVER HOW YOU CAN JOIN THE 4% and create the life you love.

Do you feel overwhelmed, over-stressed, overworked, over fatigued, out of control, or overweight, and want to create a healthy business and healthy life(style)?

Learn first hand from Dr. Lance Knaub, an entrepreneur who bootstrapped from zero to 7 figures and overcame adversity to accomplish the dream business goal of building a rock star team to fearlessly operate the business he founded, Breakthru Physical Therapy + Fitness.   

The 4% Break-Thru is a 3 step process that will be your guide to creating your Perfect Life via impactful personal development exercises, best business practices, and actionable health information. Optimize your inner superstrengths and go from burnout and stress to Superhero Success in as little as 6 weeks.  

The 4% Break-Thru will provide your serious ROI, and allow you to achieve a net gain in timeenergy, and productivity

John Lee Dumas; host of the award winning business podcast; Entrepreneurs on Fire


“The 4% Break-Thru helps entrepreneurs build an automated business machine so they can have a fulfilled lifetogetherwith their thriving business.

If only a book likeThe 4% Break-Thruwas available when I started Entrepreneurs on Fire, I might not have sustained as much extraordinary stress, and could have had success more rapidly.

With mentors and coaches, follow someone who is where you want to be. Dr. Lance has accomplished the entrepreneurial dream of creating a business with thorough processes that is being operated by his talented team. 

Transform your life and transform your business with The 4% Break-Thru.”

The 4% Break-Thru includes:

  • Pre-and post-assessments to objectively measure your baseline, and most importantly your improvement following The 4% Break-Thru process.
  • Personal development and thought exercises to discover what is uniquely essential to you for fulfillment in life and business.
  • Consolidated best business practice methods to build a solid foundation and scale your organization.
  • Actionable health information that is based on the best available research to allow you to stay healthy and achieve balance and fulfillment while you are scaling.
  • Key takeaways and action steps summarized in each chapter.
  • Workbook-style allows you to complete each step in The 4% Break-Thru process sequentially to ensure you have a comprehensive plan for a fulfilled life combined with entrepreneurial success.

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