This book covers a large range of topics, including but not limited to: depth vs breadth worldbuilding style, the design of natural laws for universes, geographical features, flora and fauna, materials, settings and genres, in-universe art and architecture, relationships between characters and civilizations, cultural traditions, governmental systems, currency and trade, guides on naming various features of a world, constructed languages, and how to receive and handle feedback as a creator. The book contains judicious examples from all types of media, and a chapter showing the results of my worldbuilding in relation to the book’s content. For authorship, explanations are given in the context of a creator looking to build a world of fiction for any medium. It explores how the environments they create can improve their ability to drive a narrative, write compelling plots, and characters that interact with that world. The book is written with an educational slant, and gives a lot of technical information about why things in our world are the way they are, and how best to apply the research you do to inspire new creations.

Meet Shawn Fluhr

I am a traditional and electronic game developer, worldbuilder, and artificial intelligence safety researcher based out of Fort Wayne, IN, US. I develop tabletop roleplaying and wargaming systems for publication. My current works include: Simple Space Ship System, a wargaming system set in a space opera setting; Orros, a superhero themed tabletop roleplaying game; Keygemin, an extensive magic gemstone driven world of sky pirates and monsters; a traditional risk-like board game of the same name with a unique time keeping mechanic; and Yurisuto, a science-fantasy setting with both high tech and high magic. I have been worldbuilding since I was very young and have a preference for both of the high fantasy, and high sci-fi genres. I also produce pen and paper, card, traditional, and electronic games for both fun and profit. The thing I enjoy most about worldbuilding is the small details. Each time I write an article, I get two more things I can detail-build on. My backlog of things to write is endless. I have turned this process into a cornucopia of knowledge about my world’s smallest parts. I also enjoy magic systems and magic system design, putting into place clear rules for the people of my worlds to follow.

185 Tips on World Building

World building strategist Randy Ellefson brings 185 tips from his bestselling series, The Art of World Building, in this quick guide that covers the highlights – cultures, magic systems, species, settlements, travel, and more.

Meet Randy Ellefson

Randy Ellefson has written fantasy fiction since his teens and is an avid world builder, having spent three decades creating Llurien, which has its own website. He has a Bachelor’s of Music in classical guitar but has always been more of a rocker, having released several albums and earned endorsements from music companies. He’s a professional software developer and runs a consulting firm in the Washington D.C. suburbs. He loves spending time with his son and daughter when not writing, making music, or playing golf.

Word Savvy: Use the Right Word


Do questions like these interrupt your writing, bringing you to a temporary halt as you hastily check the Internet for answers?

  • Which word do I want, accept or except? … affect or effect? … bring or take? … complement or compliment? … emigrate or immigrate? … empathyor sympathy? … fewer or less? … imply or infer?
  • Is this the correct meaning of nonplussed? … of peruse? … of gourmand? … of infamous? … of enervate? … of ingenuous? … of infamous? … of ironic? … of penultimate?
  • What’s wrong with alot? … What about alright? … heartwrenching? … diligency? … orientated?
  • Is “could care less” the correct expression? … What about “escape goat”? … “for all intensive purposes”? … “hone in on”? … “statue of limitations”?
  • What is the singular of bacteria? What is the plural of hypothesis? . . . of diagnosis? … of phenomena? … of  Maddox?… of secretary general? . . . of editor-in-chief? … of teaspoonfuL?
  • Which is the correct spelling: absence or absense? . . . competant or competent? . . . comparetive? or comparative? … cemetery? … or cemetary? … permissible or permissable?

NOW have the answers to your questions at your fingertips, (No Internet required.)

Word Savvy Handbook is the easy, quick reference you need to clear those pesky, reoccurring roadblocks to efficient writing. At the flip of a page, you’ll find the answers to:

  • Words commonly confused
  • Words commonly misused
  • Non-words & other No-No’s
  • Tricky singulars & plurals
  • Common spelling demons

NOT ONLY THAT! … WORD SAVVY HANDBOOK helps you remember the correct answer with:

  • Dictionary definitions
  • Example sentences, including interesting quotes from such diversified celebrities as Mae West & Winston Churchill.
  • Memory tricks – mnemonic devices, rhymes, alliterative sentences, related words, & suggested visualizations
  • Self-Quizzes to help you see if you understand the material and will apply it when you write.
  • Entries are in alphabetical order, cross-referenced and indexed, making it easy to find what you  are looking for.

Make your writing easier, faster, more productive.
Keep your WORD SAVVY HANDBOOK handy whenever you write.

You’ll wonder how you ever wrote without it.

Meet Nancy Ragno

Nancy Ragno is an educational writer and co-author of a language arts textbook series for grades K-8: WORLD OF LANGUAGE. In addition to language arts textbooks, she is the author of children’s books and adult nonfiction on grammar and Presidential history. Originally from Philadelphia, she now lives in Tennessee at the foot of the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains and is a volunteer at the Knoxville Zoo.

7 Deadly Sins of First Time Authors

If you’re writing your first book, or you haven’t been in the game for a minute, this ebook will help you avoid some of the pitfalls that many first time authors fall into. From content to completion, this book offers practical advice and information that will help you publish and PROSPER! Dr. Teresa Hairston is a publisher ( with over 30 years of writing experience.

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Unicorn Farmhand

Unicorn Farmhand - ASIN B083RS5TPJ

A certain intelligent horse, Dok Saau, seeks to communicate with his owners by any means, and he began by writing his desires down. It attracted a lot of attention for this particular horse — some pleasant and some sour — but will he make it through whatever that will happen?

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