Gilded Lies

In the 1920s, this Peaky Blinders meets magic fantasy follows Lily Beth Winters and her reluctant journey to Boston to find a suitable husband to take over her failing family business. Once in Boston, Lily cannot help but fall deeper down into the enthralling world of old grudges and dark magic as she meets two enigmatic gangsters. With family secrets, deadly threats, and her reputation at stake, Lily must decide where her heart truly lies and in which world she belongs.

Meet J. S. Martin

J.S. Martin is the debut author of the Peaky Blinders meets magic series, Gilded Lies. She writes witty female characters that rise to defy the odds, twisting plots doused in dark magic, and swoony love interests shrouded in shadow. A former southern belle, she now resides in Boston, Massachusetts and is a lover of all things winter. When she’s not traveling the world, she can be found reading, writing, or spending time with her husband and daughter.

Rebel with a Donut

Five teenagers and four senior citizens together in a retirement community. What could go wrong? Emma hates to break rules, but that’s the one thing she must do while visiting her grandma for three weeks. Every morning Emma meets for donuts with four teenagers also being forced by their grandmothers to break habits. Embracing a different side of herself, Emma discovers real friends for the first time. But Emma already knows the boy next door, and he has no clue who she is. When it becomes difficult for Emma to rebel against rules and hide who she is, she runs from the fire. But it takes running into the flames for Emma to learn some people are worth breaking rules for. A contemporary Golden Girls meets The Breakfast Club, Rebel with a Donut is a laugh-out-loud story about forging real friendships, breaking habits, discovering yourself, and finding your favorite donut.

Meet Chrissy Q Martin

When she’s not writing, you’ll find Chrissy trying to keep up with her husband and two kids on mountain bikes and snowboards in the mountains where they live. Chrissy’s the crazy girl who prefers to bike uphill, and get a ride down. A former Midwestern girl, she now resides in the Southwest. A former competitive swimmer, Chrissy met her husband on their college swim team. She still loves to swim, but also enjoys trail running. Many of her YA stories include a teen girl in sports. Chocolate, coffee, books, friends, and family are all important. And being awkward is something Chrissy is completely fine with.