Alex and Caleb are twins living in a post-apocalyptic earth. They have been hidden from any information of the past and live a life full of restrictions within a class based society. An epidemic begins to infect the community with little visible effort by any adults to stop it. Can they fight the powers that be to save themselves and the encampment?
A 52,000 word Young Adult Novel and series for those who love Hunger Games and Divergent.

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One girl. A corrupt government. A secret that could shatter a country.

????? “I haven’t been this hooked on a dystopian series since The Hunger Games and Divergent.”

What would you sacrifice to discover the truth?

For twelve years, Aleesha has survived as an Outsider in poverty-stricken Area Four. She lives by one rule – trust no one.

When Aleesha discovers she can pass through the deadly barrier dividing London, the future she dreams about seems finally within her grasp.

All she needs is find out the truth about her mother’s disappearance and her father’s identity.

Recruited by a mysterious organization intent on taking down the corrupt government, Aleesha is introduced to Trey. He’s an Insider who’s been brought up with everything she longs for. Wealth, privilege, education.

An Insider who, like her, is being hunted by the government’s sinister militia.

Aleesha wants to hate him. But Trey may be the only person who can help her uncover the secrets of her family’s past. If she can learn to trust him.

Too late, Aleesha and Trey realize that they’re just pawns in a much bigger game. Discovering the truth could cost them their lives…

From USA Today Bestselling Author, Alison Ingleby, The Wall Series is an emotional rollercoaster packed with heart-pounding adventure, vivid characters and slow-burn romance. A dystopian series perfect for fans of Suzanne Collins, Veronica Roth and Marie Lu.

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????? “Truly one of the best and most fleshed-out dystopians I’ve read…this book is a breath of fresh air.”

????? “Have tissues in hand and get ready for a great read!”

The Wall Series:

Book 1: Expendables

Book 2: Infiltrators

Book 3: Defenders

Book 4: Liberators

*Rated PG-13 for mild language and moderate violence.*

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